Beginner Home Renovations: Where Do You Start?

Beginner Home Renovations: Where Do You Start?

Unless you’re living in a brand-new home, your starter home likely needs some extra love and renovations to lift its design up. If you’ve never done home renovations on your own before, the concept may seem frightening at first. Starting simple with your home updates before moving onto any larger problems will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. By knowing where to start with beginner home renovations and the best projects to take on, you’ll put equity into your property and make it a more enjoyable place to live.

Start With Repairs and Replacements

The most important renovations in your home have to do with broken, old, or otherwise unusable appliances and pieces of furniture. Most often, these updates have to do with your starter home’s kitchen. No one wants to cook on a rusty electric range that’s as old as the house or rely on a lime-covered 30-year-old dishwasher to properly sanitize their pots, pans, and plates.

Do yourself and your family a favor and save up for new or slightly used appliances. Don’t feel pressured to buy state of the art stainless steel appliances—a simple upgrade can greatly improve your household’s quality of life. While you have the appliances removed, consider taking advantage of the time by cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Consider New Flooring

Old carpeting tends to hold onto every memory of prior homeowners more than any other kind of flooring. While original hardwood may retain the memories of the house, a raggedy shag carpet clings to the remnants of the people who once lived there—from cigarette smoke to the evidence of pets. Find and install new flooring that reflects your way of life, and you’ll brighten the entire space. If you’re not sure which flooring is best for your home, consider pairing it with the furniture you already have or future furniture that you want.

Touch Up the Walls

During and after a move, it’s nearly impossible to avoid chipping the paint on a wall or cracking a light switch plate. For a true home renovation novice, consider doing something as simple as replacing broken light switch panels. Repainting a room may require a little bit of extra effort, but it’ll help you put your own mark on the place with a touch of personalization. If you’re only interested in touchups, the previous homeowner may have left behind the original paint or paint cans that you can use or match.

Once you have an idea of where to start with beginner home renovations and get to work, future home renovations (or even remodels) will become much easier to conceptualize. Keep it simple, don’t overthink your first project, and you’ll become a renovation master in no time!

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