New in 2012, we will Insert YOUR Flyer, and Distribute YOUR FLYER PER CITY, for a Low Price. This allows you to TARGET Your Market, to a local area ONLY.

Cost is Only $100 per $1,000, Your Pick the Location! You provide the Flyers!

About Our Magazine from Valparaiso, IN

THE PANORAMA MAGAZINE is a monthly entertainment magazine from Valparaiso, IN. Our publication has been serving Northwest Indiana for more than 26 years of publicizing events and happenings a month before they actually happen in all three counties: Lake, Porter, & LaPorte.

The content of the magazine is directed to local residents who live here, but it is also quite valuable to tourists who are looking to find things to do. It is mailed to local doctor’s offices and reception rooms, ALL LOCAL Libraries, ALL chambers and delivered in Northwest Indiana to over 450 select locations each month.

Panorama appears in the Periodicals of every Local Library and Every Chamber of Commerce has a copy. Panorama is mailed free to group care facilities where it is used to plan local group trips by the Activities Directors. Many local chambers use Panorama for informational phone calls AND also send it out to new resident and tourism inquiries. The first Bird Lady Column received Over 450 Emails in ONE MONTH!!! more than she ever received from her previous articles in the Post Tribune.


As a Business Owner, you need TO GET THE MOST FOR YOUR ADVERTISING AND MARKETING DOLLARS AND IN ORDER TO DO THAT YOU NEED to compare the Same Type of Media, Distribution Per City, as well as Type of CONTENT!

It’s not about the Total Copies Printed. It’s “How” and “Where” they are distributed, How the CONTENT is Presented, How Personal the CONTENT is to the People who are Keeping the Magazine, How Long the CONTENT Can Last

                        That’s why we focus each issue on a certain “ANNUAL FEATURE.”
                                         We have a 85% Repeat ADVERTISER Rate!

You can’t compare a Magazine with a Newspaper. Slick Cover Magazines stay around ALOT longer, Even for Years! In addition, when you are Comparing Magazine for Magazine,  even though more copies of a competitor may be printed.

Where are they distributed? Are they distributed throughout 3 states? How many copies are not picked up?

And then, You have to also CONSIDER the fact that Are you interested in Tourists ? Panorama is geared for LOCAL RESIDENTS THAT LIVE HERE. Local Residents are YOUR REPEAT CUSTOMERS, How many times is a tourist that lives over 50 miles going to come back? To Portage? To Crown Point? To Hammond? Then again, Why would a tourist come Back?

Don Quijote’s, a Spanish Restaurant from Valparaiso, said, “Everyone takes the Panorama First,
and only after Panoramas are ALL GONE, do they pick up the other Magazines

It’s “How” and “Where” Magazines are Distributed that Counts More. It’s how the content is presented, how personal the entertainment and news information is to the people who are keeping the magazine. That’s why we focus each issue on a certain “ANNUAL FEATURE.”
That’s why we have a 85%


We have hundreds of testimonials and advertiser success stories . . . .
Dynamic Music Costume Characters had a customer call from finding a Panorama Magazine after 15 YEARS! They were cleaning out their desk and found an old copy!
•  India Fest 2008,  due to a listing in another website, we had the wrong date listed in Panorama Magazine. They kept getting calls and Had several people show up - due to Panorama Magazine!
Cafe 444 restaurant in Miller, had their BEST SUNDAY BRUNCH EVER when their ad was in the March 2007 Panorama that mentioned their Sunday Brunch! They saw alot of NEW faces from Panorama Magazine even though they had been in business for over 25 years!
Serbian Festival - Got their BIGGEST Vendor that took TWO BIG SPOTS from the ad in Panorama Magazine! They continue to be a Serbian Festival Vendor Even today!
Closet Connection, downtown Valparaiso, received several responses to their Panorama ad, including clothes coming in, new customers, and phone calls.
Our Bird Lady's ads (that were in the winter months) had patrons keep the magazine so that she was booked solid all summer!
Shipshewana On The Road, received so many calls from Vendors that they now advertise shows that aren't even in this Area!
• International Friendship Gardens, Michigan City, "Lots of people mention your site." Marti Pizzini, executive director.
Curves, Munster, "We have people come in here who aren't even members just to get your magazine."
Cartronix Valparaiso, "All of Your Magazine are Gone Right Away, that's why we don't mind having them here."
HotorNot Restaurant, Portage, keeps track of every table and where they heard about them. They receive as many tables from Panorama ads as they do from the other two local newspapers!
Curves, Griffith, "Oh good, they're here, now we have to call everybody and let them know they're here."
Teenager who works at Emission Center, "I need the next issue of Panorama, there was a Harry Potter Party in there that I really want to go to."
Lilly Festival, "I even had a couple from Marion, IN who happened to be in Chesterton and they drove here for the afternoon to see the gardens! What fun!" BJ Ziolkowski, twin starZ gardens, New Carlisle, Indiana.


There are overlapping benefits to a magazine. For one thing, Panorama doesn’t get thrown away and lasts up to an entire year.  And on top of all of this, Panorama reaches NEW readers each month unlike newspapers who only reach repeat subscribers.

Panorama also reaches the target market, reaching people who are already out and about. It also only reaches people who are interested in entertainment and recreational events. But, unlike other magazines, there aren't any copies left at the end of the month. We often see delivery of our competitors when a HUGE PILE last month's issue is still sitting there! Wouldn't you rather advertise in a magazine that gets picked up? And not one that sits around on the shelves, only to be thrown away eventually?


Panorama is magazine size. It's magazine size (8.5 X 11) that IS displayed in:
• Doctor’s office's racks
• Coffee Shops
• hospital waiting rooms
• Car Repair Facilities
• Art Galleries
• Hair Salons

In addition, at several drop-off locations the last Panorama remains so several people see the same issue over and over again. And, due to the ANNUAL FEATURES, many locations keep the back issues on display for the entire year. A low ball estimate concludes that Panorama reaches at least 35,000 readers per month, totaling over 240,000 readers per year!

We look forward to BUSINESS OWNERS who are interested in hearing more about the advantageous partnership for both of us!

    The Entertainment Calendar is what makes the printed version so popular and hard to find.  The calendar, which includes over 450 events each month, allows the reader to decide for themselves their best choice of entertainment for that day/evening & Weekend..

The website publishes one week at a time and the printed version gives the reader a look at one month at a time.

This allows local residents the opportunity to find things to do and plan ahead to arrange for baby sitters, out of town guests and to plan for couple and group outings. Parents (and grandparents) with children and baby boomers find the month in advance calendar extremely convenient.

     Patrons who are interested in the Annual Feature Topic will keep that particular printed Panorama for ALL YEAR! To show you just how valuable these have become, many chambers, tourism centers, and parks and recreation centers actually copy the Annual Features to pass out. These Annual Features are: Fishing, Golfing, Hiking, Biking, U-Pick Farms, Antiques, Winter Sports, Art Galleries and Museums, and Performing Theatres.

WHY THE ANNUAL FEATURES ARE NOT ON www.PANORAMANOW.COM       In 1998, website was created as an additional and separate entity. PanoramaNow is an entirely different product than the printed magazine, reaching an entirely different audience with different content. The website is organized differently, has some new subjects not available in the magazine, and reaches the younger and home-computer market. The printed magazine has the “Valuable” Annual Features that are printed only once a year, and are a part of the intellectual property that is copyrighted NOT FOUND IN ANY OTHER PUBLICATION and, unfortunately, cannot be included in the web site.


     Panorama is distributed by mail, hand delivered, and mailed to subscribers and finally any EXTRA copies are distributed at area Trade Shows. Several copies of the magazine are hand distributed to key high-traffic locations in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties. Many people take a special trip to these locations JUST to get a Panorama. Due to the high demand for Panorama, the distribution points are not printed. In several of our Distribution Locations,  Panorama is the only publication allowed.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Survey of the Age groups of our Readers: 
60+: 22%, 50-60: 27%, 40-50: 20%, 30-40: 22% and 20-30: 16%.

All past issues are picked up and redistributed, Panorama never goes to the shredder! Past issues are re-distributed in local trade shows and are hand picked by consumers according to the Annual Feature that is of personal interest to the thousands of attendees. The attendees are extremely happy to take home the Panorama that has their Annual Feature in it!. Some even take one for a friend or family member!

Panorama comes out on the first Friday of each month, but due to its high-demand most of copies are gone RATHER QUICKLY..

So, we started Annual Directories. The Past Panoramas are bound in a three-ring binder, and tourists/residents can look at what happened in any given month and can review  the Annual Features from every Panorama for the entire year. Now available for patrons to view 365 days a year THE PAST ISSUES OF Panorama can be seen by thousands of viewers who visit the Lake County Tourism Bureau in  Hammond.  If you would like to draw shoppers to your location, We are also looking for other businesses that are interested in being added to our 3-Ring Binder Program.

SUBSCRIPTION: Since Panorama is actually FREE you might wonder why so many people actually pay $22 for a yearly subscription. The reason for that is simple, Panorama is gone so quickly, we simply cannot keep up with  the high demand, so many people opt to pay for the subscription. If you are interested in subscribing you may do so by emailing us.  We take all forms of credit cards, by telephone: 800-359-2845.


Panorama is locally owned and operated and is not affiliated with any local newspaper or radio. All of our marketing listings are FREE and are as complete and comprehensive as possible. Panorama does not list only those who pay for advertisements, making the content more inclusive than local tourism guides THAT PUBLISH ONLY PAID COMPANIES.

Content is not determined by monetary payment. Many local not-for-profit organizations have benefited and continue to benefit financially for their fundraisers due to Panorama's FREE Calendar Listings. Panorama's content also benefits local recreational event presenters because it is also perused by the local media as well.