About Sue Baxter - CEO

Sue Baxter started Baxter Design & Advertising in 1978 and had a successful advertising agency in Indianapolis for many years..  Then upon moving to Valparaiso in 1986, it was during the Steel Mill recession of the 1980s. With not very much business available, the company started publishing the newsletter for the Heritage Valley subdivision in Valparaiso, Indiana. Then they started publishing the Shorelines in Shorewood Forest at around 1992. Sue got the "publishing bug" after realizing what a profound influence she had over the daily lives of the peoples’ lives - especially their leisure time. That is when the purchase of Panorama Magazine took place in. The previous owner started the publication in 1985 – long before there was any tourism bureau. Baxter immediately started a "Calendar of Events" that has been the signature content the folks love and still appreciate even today. "It's very hard to find all the events in just one place," is what folks say all the time. The Calendar includes the major events that are for fun, family oriented & for recreational purposes only - not ordinary meetings at the local church or hospital – for those events people can find out about on their own. It’s the precise delivery of quality Festivals and Events that Panorama specializes, creating quality family time for Parents, Grand Parents, and Tourists!