Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home

Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home

Winter is the time to take the necessary steps to improve your home’s appeal if you plan on putting it on the market in the spring, when most people begin to look for a new house. There are many things that can be done improve a home’s buy-ability. While an entire kitchen remodel may not be in the cards, there are some small steps you can take to improve your chances of finding a buyer who is willing to pay a fair price for your house. Check out this guide on things you should do before selling your home.

Store non-essentials

All non-essential or clutter items should be taken from your home and stored somewhere the potential buyers would never look, such as an off-site storage facility. Clutter isn’t limited to loose papers and old junk; clutter could mean taking the leaf out of the dining room table and removing two chairs to make the space seem larger and more open. Another example of decluttering is putting excess children’s toys in storage or taking any unnecessary furniture out of your house while you prepare to sell it.

Boost your curb appeal

The way your home looks from the outside determines the first impression it makes on your potential purchasers. Make sure that impression is positive and lasting by updating the look of your home’s exterior. There are many advantages to landscaping your property, including skyrocketing curb appeal. Another small change you can make is painting the front door, power washing the hardscaping, and regularly combing your lawn for stray toys or garbage.


Make sure your home is immaculate. This means to scrub even areas most people forget about. While you may get used to the look of your light switches, a person entering your home for the first time may notice they’re yellowing or dirty right away. Here are some commonly neglected areas to watch out for:

  • Door handles
  • Inside cabinets and drawers
  • Closet floors
  • Garages
  • The lids of garbage cans
  • Windows and mirrored surfaces
  • Light switches and outlet covers


Organize the interior of places guests don’t see, but potential buyers will be looking for. When buying a home, people open cabinets, closets, and pantries to get a good idea of the storage space they would have if they purchased the home. It will behoove you to organize the inside of these areas to make them feel and look more spacious.

Add little touches

Adding little touches to make your home feel welcoming and lived-in also can help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Make sure your house has a pleasant scent—because you don’t want to be the smelly house. Putting air fresheners in every room or burning candles before showings are easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Another thoughtful touch is putting out fresh flowers and setting the dining table.
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Things to do Before Selling Your Home
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