About Our Entertainment Magazine in Valparaiso, IN

PanoramaNOW is a local entertainment magazine in Valparaiso, IN, with a history of delivering engaging content to readers throughout the area. According to our CEO, Susie Young Baxter, its continued success is no small feat. The support of repeat advertisers and loyal readers who look forward to every issue allows us to continue bringing our unique brand of informative fun to the community.

Since our inception as part of Baxter Design & Advertising, we’ve always been a niche magazine. Our focus remains on elevating local voices and keeping the public aware of some of the best things to do in our area. We cover topics like:

Local Theatre
Family Fun
Major Events

We don’t get too granular, though -- our team understands that you have a limited amount of time, and we strive for an approach that highlights items of real relevance to your life. From the Indiana Dunes to visits from celebrity singers, you’ll find a wealth of quality content between the pages of our magazine.

Content is King

Our approach to entertainment news is based on a philosophy that prioritizes focused, engaging content over metrics and word quantity. We believe that readers deserve a simple, easy-to-access point of connection with community events and happenings, and our concise delivery of information separates us from much of today’s quantity-centric media landscape.

On our website, you can browse our entire calendar on one page and quickly see all the opportunities available for a given date. This helps you easily plan for visits from guests, grandkids, and others, all within your budget and schedule. It’s a convenience that appeals, we hope, to everyone from retired residents to young adults just entering the workforce.

We are the only local magazine distributed across three area counties. For readers, this means easy-access anywhere within our reach. For advertisers, we offer the opportunity to connect with consumers of all kinds. You can find us in:

Dental Waiting Rooms
Doctors’ Offices
Car Repair Shops
Hair Salons

Creating A Convenient Connection

From our weekly newsletter to our condensed website, you’ll enjoy our signature style of concise content in a format that’s simple and streamlined. We bring you the events that get buried in larger publications and keep you prepared to take advantage of everything our community-focused entertainment magazine can offer. Discover a better, less cluttered option for local information and insight with the latest issue of PanoramaNOW.

Contact us today for more information about our team and the publication process. We proudly serve Valparaiso, IN, and the surrounding areas.


Some of our Special Interests include

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