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"The continued success of the PanoramaNOW Entertainment News, located downtown Valparaiso Indiana, is in no small way a small feat. But with the support of our loyal repeat advertisers and the loyal readers who look forward to every issue, PanoramaNOW is just as popular today as it was thirty years ago," stated Susie Young Baxter, CEO.

Since its inception, it’s always been a niche magazine, focusing on things to do; places to go; the Indiana Dunes; local Concerts; local Festivals; local Theatre; Family Fun — all topics that is still very important today! We cover the Major Events & Festivals and don’t bother you with every little Health Seminar at the hospitals or every little meeting at the churches.

"We’ve always operated on the idea that "Content is King" and to this day that philosophy still proves to be the key to our success. It’s not about the number of Facebook Fans, or the number of Posts that matters, it’s about the quality and the concise delivery of content that makes us stand out from the pack," continued Susie Young Baxter. "On the website, all our calendar is on one page, with one screen click, so you can quickly see ALL the events going on the weekend without having to click here, and click back, and find your way back to where you were." "People like to plan for out-of-town guests, where to take their grandkids for free, and how to pack in several events in one weekend."
"It always amazes me, when we deliver the magazine and there’s a first year in the work force young adult that looks at the magazine and says ‘Wow!’" continues Baxter.

PanoramaNOW is the only local magazine that is direct mailed to all three counties, and is mailed to doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, car repair and hair salons, where the advertisers stay visible to consumers all year long. The number of exposures to consumers is truly astounding.

Our weekly newsletter is easy to read yet includes all the major events you won’t want to miss. We don’t bother you with every little Health Seminar at the hospitals or every little meeting at the churches. The newsletter also includes our weekly blogs and also blogs that pertain to that weekend. We also include upcoming Festivals and Major events that you will want to put down on your calendar!

You won’t have to click on this screen, then click on another screen, then go back to the original screen to find what you want to do this weekend. A lot of our info comes from pages that have a 24 page downloaded pdf! And we have just one item from those 24 pages. Or, we get info from websites that are too big and don’t focus on their events as a major item to feature. These events are hidden very deep and very hard to find! We like to show all the content on one page - which makes it easier for you!

We Also Have COMMUNITY LINKS; We have a Separate links for YOUR COMMUNITY. A place where you can go to Find out What’s Going On, and learn the community-oriented information about you own town or city where you live or work.

Hobart, LaPorte, Michigan City, Hammond, Whiting, St. John & Schererville, Highland and Griffith, Chesterton, Valparaiso, Munster, Merrillville, Crown Point, and many more.  Special Events, Birding


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