Best Interior Renovations for Increasing Home Value

Best Interior Renovations for Increasing Home Value

When individuals are looking to sell their homes, they often neglect the value of the interior renovations and only focus on the curb appeal. This article introduces the best interior renovations for increasing home value.

The Kitchen

Without a doubt, the biggest value increaser is the kitchen. One of the many kitchen upgrades that will increase your home’s value is painting the cabinets, or replacing them if you can. Another excellent way to freshen up the kitchen is by replacing the hardware.


These are so important, especially if you have an older home. Old windows are a pricey fix, but they’ll pay for themselves when you sell the home. It’s important to invest in good-quality windows that will stay sealed and keep any drafts or moisture outside.


A refinished bathroom is a major bonus to most homebuyers. Obviously, it’s a smaller room in most homes, so sprucing it up is easy and usually reasonably priced.


One of the best interior renovations for increasing home value is putting fresh paint on the walls. If you take it a step further by researching some trends before painting, it’ll make your home stand out to buyers. A bonus to this is that it’s one of the most affordable ways to increase the value of your home.


If you’re able to get a deal, updated floors really stand out to buyers, especially if they’re hardwood. Most homes don’t come with carpet anymore because most buyers don’t want it, so if you do update the floors, go for a hardwood or a laminate.

A Home Office

Lastly, if you happen to have an extra room, many buyers love having space for a home office. These are typically decorated with warmer tones, so again, stick with the trends for the paint, and avoid anything that stands out or seems unnatural.

Overall, the kitchen alone carries the majority of the value for buyers when they walk inside. If you’re only able to make one or two of these work, I would go for the kitchen, and then repainting.

Sue Baxter