Tips for Remodeling Your Garage

Once we get used to hibernating over the winter, the lovely weather of spring always seems to sneak up on us. Once the seasons finally change, many of us find ourselves scrambling to decide which project to tackle first—the attic or the garage, painting or landscaping—how could you possibly choose? Well, the process starts with planning and focusing on one project at a time. So, let’s focus on the garage with these tips for remodeling your garage.

Make It Easy on Yourself to Stay Organized

Our garage is home to many different items—lawnmowers, snowblowers, landscape equipment, bicycles, tools, and more. Storing items like landscaping equipment and lawnmowers in the garage makes perfect sense, but most garages find themselves packed with other things. So, there are two ways to make your life easier.

First and foremost, have you heard of spring cleaning? Good. Once the weather gets nice, spend part of your weekend cleaning the garage and tossing anything that hasn’t been used in years. Once you’ve gotten rid of excess stuff, you should start incorporating what’s called vertical storage, which is simply a fancy term for storage on shelves and walls. Basically, the point is to get items that don’t need to be on the floor, off the floor.

Insulate and Paint the Walls

“Your garage door is the biggest door in your home;” sound familiar? Probably because it’s true. Regardless, if the walls in your garage are open or drywalled, you should have insulation on all the walls for multiple reasons. First, you’ll save on energy costs, and second, if you work in your garage a lot, insulation will help by maintaining the garage’s temperature. Additionally, if your walls are finished with drywall, give those walls some fresh paint. You’ll be surprised how fresh paint can make your garage look brand new again.

Update the Floor

Every garage floor takes on wear and tear from car tires, foot traffic, spills, and so on. If you still have a basic concrete floor, you’ll experience cracks and stains before you know it—and getting stains out of concrete is not an enjoyable way to spend the weekend. One of the best ways to update your garage is by installing an epoxy floor. There are several reasons you should have epoxy flooring in your garage, but one of the main advantages is the epoxy’s durability.

Install New Lights

Once you’ve implemented the previous tips for remodeling your garage, you can show off your garage proudly with some bright LED lights. Not only will LED lights make your garage appear larger, LED lights are energy-efficient, so you’ll save some money during your late-night projects in the garage. Plus, let’s be honest, LED lights just look awesome!

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve lived in the same home for thirty years, your garage is one of those places you’re in at least once a day. So, why not make your time in the garage more enjoyable by updating your garage with one—or all—of our tips?

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Sue Baxter