Creative Tips for Decorating Your Hallway

Creative Tips for Decorating Your Hallway

Many homes have hallways right at their entrances or between rooms further inside. We don’t typically spend a lot of time in our home’s hallways, but they still leave a lasting impression as we walk through them on a day-to-day basis. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your hallway plain—treat it as you would any other area in your home. If you’re unsure how to liven it up, use these creative tips for decorating your hallway.

Maximize Light

Hallways often lack windows since they serve as connectors between rooms and aren’t usually located near the borders of the home. Therefore, you should seek to make them more inviting by maximizing the light in your hallway with color and wall fixtures. The doorways or adjacent rooms usually carry some natural light into the hallway during the day. Stretch this resource by painting the walls in light gray or white, avoiding harsh, saturated tones and darker hues such as bright blue, red, or chocolate brown. You could also place a mirror on the wall to visually broaden the space and reflect any light that touches its surface.

Put in Attractive Seating

Do away with the impression that the hallway is a limbo zone meant to be passed through quickly by putting in attractive seating. You can place a wooden or cushioned bench or a small chair along the length of the hallway if it’s wide enough. If it’s narrower, you can put a small bench at the end of hallway instead. Leave the seating empty, or set a patterned throw pillow or two on it for additional decoration. Even a potted plant could work if the chair is flat enough to keep it stable. The goal here is to contribute charm to the hallway—though you may find yourself sitting on the chair or bench, too.

Set Down an Area Rug Runner

different types of rug materialsYou probably already have a rug in your living room, but you can also dress up your hallway’s floor with one. Area rug runners are elongated to fit the length of a hallway, so they’re a natural choice. You can also set down multiple shorter rugs along the hallway. Rugs give warmth and capture attention by acting as well-coordinated works of art that interplay with the colors of the walls, the lighting, and any décor on the walls. You can also introduce texture by using different types of rug materials such as wool and sisal, which provide an agreeable contrast with the smoothness of the rest of the area.


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