Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

People spend a lot of time designing their homes. From roofing materials to the sustainability choices in the kitchen, there’s a lot to think about. But did you know that the colors you choose can play a significant role? Even if your kitchen has all the top-quality features, the wrong color on the walls can mess with appetite. You can put spa-like items in the bathroom, but if you choose a bright yellow, you could ruin the entire mood. Your room’s wall color affects the mood of those who live in and visit your home—so it’s an important design concept to think about.

And speaking of bathrooms, how do you choose the best color for the theme you’ve chosen? We’ve listed out some of the best paint colors for your bathroom based around some typical themes you might be aiming for. Check it out!

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For the Spa Bathroom

Lots of people aim for a bathroom that gives off a spa-like aesthetic. They choose nice bathtubs, savvy showerheads, and calming scents in diffusers. But when the wrong color is on the walls, all of that calm goes out the window. That’s why we recommend going for some light and soothing colors—nothing bright and punchy. Here are some of our favorite spa bathroom hues to try:

  • Sky blues: Bring the calm of the sky in the bathroom. Or, if sky blue isn’t your thing, any light blue will do.
  • Soft grays: Grays have a tremendous power of calm, and it’s a great way to keep things neutral without seeming dull.
  • Light browns and tans: Bring some earthy flourish to your spa with an easy brown.

These are some of the best paint colors for your bathroom because they establish a connection with nature and ensure calm—the perfect choice for a bathroom!

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For the Nautical Bathroom

If you’re going for a sea-inspired bathroom, then reaching this goal is about more than some anchors on your towels. Think about it this way—if you choose black walls for a nautical bathroom, people may think you’re going for the shipwreck look, rather than the calm of the sea. So you can absolutely throw some anchors and seashells in there, but don’t forget about the power of color!

  • Light greens: Honestly, any green will work here, but lighter will give more room to the space.
  • Bright whites: It’s not boring, especially when partnered with blue accents.
  • Light blues: Don’t go for punchy blues here, as it can overwhelm the senses and scream sadness, rather than ease.

modern farmhouse bathroom remodeling design ideasFor the Modern Bathroom

Modern, minimalistic bathrooms are in, which means the wall color choice plays a big role. You won’t have a lot of design features in here apart from the appliances, so you’ll want to pay a lot of attention to detail. For modern bathrooms, we suggest digging into accent walls. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a pop of color—rather a wall of stone, tile, or brick. Bring nature into the modern theme of the bathroom, and let the wall color help accentuate your design choices.


Sue Baxter