Basic Components of Building a Home

Basic Components of Building a Home

When building a home, there are a lot of parts to consider. With a monumental project like this, it’s crucial to never cut corners or skip steps. Here are some basic components of building a home you must remember so that it turns out how you planned.

Structural Foundation

The first part of a home is its structural foundation. Cinder blocks, mortar, and concrete hold the home in place. The concrete footer is built far below the soil to create a basement. Otherwise, digging less deep creates a crawl space, or homeowners can pour concrete slabs at the ground level. Concrete is the ideal material to protect against water. Pay attention to cracks, leaning, bowing, or twisting of the concrete, as this can affect the foundation.

Once the structure is in place, wood framing is built from the foundation up to the roof rafters and decking. Wood planks make up the floor joists, with plywood sheets across them to create subfloors. Drywall and insulation are hung and house any electrical wiring and plumbing. Be cautious of termites, pests, and mold as these can inhabit the drywall.

Roofing and Gutters

Since the roof is designed to steer rainwater to the gutters which divert it away from your home, it requires some necessary components. Contractors nail plywood to the roof for decking and then place asphalt shingles for further protection. While asphalt is the most common shingle type, metal, tile, and rubber roofs also exist. Roof leaks commonly occur around chimneys and vent boots, so pay close attention to these areas. It might make sense to replace a roof rather than continuously repair it.

Your gutters are an essential part of your roofing. They’re designed to catch water from the roof and prevent water from pooling near your home. Downspouts then transfer this water to the ground and away from the structure and foundation. Many homeowners neglect the importance of their gutters. Water pooling can weaken your roof, attic, and siding, and could lead to mold and mildew growth which can lead to various health problems. Anyone building a home must make the right considerations when choosing their gutters, such as their material, appearance, pitch, and maintenance.

Windows and Doors

Some other basic components of building a home are your windows and doors. Windows lean into the house’s frame with trim or caulk to protect the sides from weather. Most windows are composed of a glass sash that moves vertically. Keep an eye on leaks near windows, as water can damage your windowpane and lead to mold growth. Like windows, doors have their own trim and frame. Doors are built with water protection in mind, but damaged doors can rot if their interiors become exposed.

Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC

Electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC units are essential home pieces. Each of these systems is incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal, so consider hiring a professional to manage these systems. Nevertheless, electrical systems allow for constant power throughout your home. Usually, a breaker box or electrical panel controls each circuit and sends power to each room and outlet. Electrical issues could occur from faulty wiring, dead circuits, or damaged appliances or fixtures.

Similarly, plumbing occurs within the walls and floor joists of your home through supply and drain lines. Supply lines come from city water control centers that supply hot and cold water. Since these are pressurized lines, a leak could lead to extreme water damage. Drain lines deliver contents from toilets and drains to water treatment centers. However, these lines aren’t pressurized, so leaks are not a major issue.

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