The Basics of Contemporary Interior Design

The Basics of Contemporary Interior Design

Choosing an interior design style for your home can be extremely stressful. Nobody wants their home to be outdated, but they also don’t want to choose a style that’s only going to be old news a year later. The safest bet is going with the contemporary style because it’s extremely flexible. If you’d like to learn the basics of contemporary interior design, be sure to read on.

Have a Good Foundation Color but Don’t Be Afraid of Accents

Contemporary interior design is all about starting with a solid foundation. When considering the color of your walls, you should go for neutral colors. Most people like to choose a lighter gray with white trim and ceilings. Once you have your base color, you can easily express your personality with accent colors. Because you have a neutral foundation, most any accent colors will pop. You can add accent colors with artwork on the walls to bright furniture—it’s entirely up to you.

Use Evident Lines To Your Advantage

One of the defining features of contemporary interior design is lines, but not just any lines—clean and obvious lines. What we mean is you want evident lines one way or another. You can achieve the defining line work with exposed windows, color block décor, geometric artwork, or opulent pieces. The linework makes the contemporary style different than any other interior design style. Do a quick search for contemporary design on Google or Pinterest if you need help coming up with some ideas.

Add Various Forms of Texture

This is where the flexibility comes in. The contemporary design style tends to reflect what’s currently trendy; hence, contemporary. A lot of homeowners like to add texture by installing pecan hardwood flooring because of its many characteristics, including a textured grain. You can also achieve texture with the aid of rugs and other textiles. Moreover, contemporary homes often incorporate greenery from house plants. Don’t worry—it’s your call if you want real or fake plants.

Now that you understand the basics of contemporary interior design, are you ready to take the plunge? With the endless options of contemporary interior design, you won’t feel constrained by a particular style like industrial that has fairly strict features.

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