The Coolest Basement Ideas of All Time

The Coolest Basement Ideas of All Time

Whether you’re building a new house or you bought a home, there’s a good chance you have an unfinished basement. There’s nothing wrong with an unfinished basement, as long as it’s sealed and waterproof, and you’re merely using it for storage. All that said, a lot of people want their basement to be something more than a storage room. If you’re at a standstill and you’re not sure what to do with your basement, we’ve got you covered. Check out the coolest basement ideas of all time below.

A wet bar or wine cellar

Whether you’re planning on entertaining and having friends over after COVID-19 or you’re merely a beer, wine, and spirit aficionado, you should have a wet bar. Of course, if wine is more up your alley, you might have more fun with a wine cellar where you can channel your inner oenophile. If you’re not much of a drinker but still enjoy entertaining, a wet bar or wine cellar is a great addition to any basement. Read our Wine Articles HERE.

Your own movie theater

We’ve all heard about movie stars and professional athletes who have movie theaters in their homes, but who said you can’t have one too? You’re a superstar, as well! Paint the walls a dark color, install some carpeting and elevated seating, and you’re halfway there. The only other items you’ll need are a screen or a projector and a bare wall, and a popcorn machine. Read more about this here. 

A state-of-the-art gym

Is all this talk of drinks and popcorn making you cringe? Then maybe you’d benefit more from a gym. Most gyms aren’t even open right now, so a lot of people have created makeshift gyms at home instead. Get a weight bench, squat rack, dumbbells, and a cardio machine, then top the basement off with some rubber mats. You might also want to add a sound system so you can crank the tunes while you’re pumping iron. Learn how to stay safe in the at-home gym here.

The ultimate kids’ playroom

If you’re a parent, you might be going a little crazy trying to entertain your kids during the Coronavirus. We feel your pain. That’s why you should turn your basement into a play center. Tons of manufacturers make smaller slides that could fit indoors, along with padded flooring. Plus, the kids probably have more than enough toys that they can keep downstairs. It’s a win-win! The kids stay inside and healthy, and their toys stay in a designated area. Learn more Parenting Skills 

There are so many more cool basement ideas, but there are several things you should do to an unfinished basement before making it awesome. The most important part is that you love your basement and feel comfortable hanging out there.


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