The Best Wedding Ideas for Spring

The Best Wedding Ideas for Spring

Spring is the season of rebirth, so planning a wedding in those warming months can carry over those uplifting themes of hope for the future. To properly convey a sense of optimism, you should carefully select your decorations and other elements. Consider these best wedding ideas for spring.

Hold It Outdoors

Summer’s beating sun can make an outdoor ceremony highly uncomfortable and winter’s harsh winds, temperatures, and snow make outdoor weddings impossible in much of the country. But in spring, the temperatures are often in a middle range where everything’s just right. Take advantage of this by holding your wedding outside, set to a charming backdrop fresh with new green leaves and blooming flowers. You and your guests will get to enjoy a picturesque setting without being distracted by any irritation.

Incorporate Florals

When choosing the decorations for your ceremony and reception, florals provide an unmistakable springtime feel. Include selections of flowers along the aisle by attaching them to the sides or headrests of chairs. Place bouquets on top of white tablecloths on the guest tables. Consider using glass jars as vases to create informal elegance when arranging the flowers.

Use Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are one of the hallmarks of spring and can be used to heighten the springtime ambience of your wedding. Napkins can provide pastel accents to mostly neutral-colored tables. You can also combine florals and pastels in your wedding cake. Choose shades of pink, light blue, light violet, and mint green for the frosting and have it embellished with edible flowers.

Decorate With Lights

Putting up lights bestows a magical quality to any space and will surely enhance your wedding. Hang string lights from beams on the ceiling for an added touch of brightness in an indoor room. You could also learn some ways to use marquee lights to leave a lasting impact on your guests. Marquee lights can be obtained in large letters and other shapes that will stand out among your decorations.

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