Fun Activities to Do on the Weekend

The weekend means freedom from most of our day-to-day obligations, whether you are working or going to school. At the same time, it can present a bit of a dilemma if you are unsure what you want to do with your time. If you often find yourself feeling bored on your Saturdays and Sundays, consider these fun activities to do on the weekend.

Learn a New Recipe

Maybe you don’t know how to make much more than a PB&J sandwich, or maybe cooking is something that you do frequently. Regardless, we can all benefit from learning a new recipe once in a while. Think of a dish you’ve always enjoyed, or browse around the internet for ideas. You can follow either written recipes or watch video tutorials and try your hand at making the food they show. Sometimes it’ll work out well, sometimes it won’t, and sometimes you’ll feel inspired to refine a recipe to better suit your taste buds. Through this process, you can come to create better food for yourself and others in the future.

Get Into Reading

Lots of people watch shows, movies, and videos, but they don’t take the time to read. It is true that reading isn’t as immediately gratifying as those more visual forms of entertainment, but given some time, it can be just as pleasurable. You can immerse yourself in the worlds of the stories you are reading and soak in more detail than you might see in their movie adaptations. Reading might also be a good source of advice—there are countless self-help and how-to books that share ideas you wouldn’t know about otherwise. No matter what you read, you can unconsciously expand your vocabulary and comprehension of written language as well, which is a bonus.

Go Hiking

In light of recent events, many people may not be able or comfortable going outside. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead to the future. If you want to get away from the usual scenery around your neighborhood and workplace, hiking is a fun activity to do on the weekend. Plan for a weekend hiking trip by researching local spots online and gathering the necessary supplies. When the time comes, you’ll get to bask in the beauty of Mother Nature while walking through areas less tampered with by civilization. Since you planned beforehand, you’ll also be ready for any unexpected events while you’re out. Check Out Our 26 Places to Go Hiking in Northwest Indiana!

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Sue Baxter

Sue Baxter