Paperwork To Complete Before Your Wedding

Paperwork To Complete Before Your Wedding

A well-planned wedding is an unforgettable night for the bride, groom, and guests. But planning a wedding isn’t glamorous from top to bottom. In fact, some aspects of preparing for marriage are downright mundane, though no less necessary. There’s a lot of daily life after the wedding to account for, and making sure you get your mail can’t take a backseat to choreographing the wedding party’s big entrance. Here’s a quick guide to some paperwork to complete before your wedding. Do note, of course, that due to the ongoing pandemic, certain offices may be closed for in-person visits, meaning you may have to complete these tasks online, over the phone, or through a video call.

Marriage License

Holy matrimony is all well and good, but your union needs to be certified by the government as well. Make sure to apply for a marriage license with your county or county-equivalent well in advance of the ceremony. This license will be signed by you, your spouse, the wedding officiant, and at least two witnesses. Make sure this is in order before the wedding. Otherwise, you may find yourselves getting married twice in record time.

Change of Address

If marriage means moving, as it does for many people, you’ll have to take a moment to address this with the post office. Though it’s important to redirect your mail and make sure it arrives at your new home, a change-of-address form is so easy to fill out that you can do it virtually through the United States Postal Service’s website.

Prenuptial Agreement

Drafting and signing a document that accounts for a fair division of assets in a divorce is not exactly the most romantic run-up to a wedding. However, we should always plan for worst-case scenarios, even in matters of love. If you or your partner have some trepidation about a prenup killing the mood, try looking at it from a different angle. A prenuptial agreement can be a safeguard not only in the event of a divorce but it can also account for the well-being of a child in case of a spouse’s untimely death.

Papers To Sign Afterward

In addition to all the paperwork to complete before your wedding, there are some documents you’ll have to file after your marriage as well. In the event of a name change, one of the most important things you’ll have to do is notify the Social Security Administration of your change in status and apply for a new Social Security card. A change in name and address could necessitate a new driver’s license. And, of course, your place of work should be kept in the loop, not just for record-keeping purposes, but to make sure you receive the proper congratulations.

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