How to Start an Antique Collection

How to Start an Antique Collection

Many people are finding they have a bit of extra time in their day since they have to stay at home more. Even those who have just started working from home no longer have the commute they normally would. With all that extra time, picking up a new hobby is a great idea. One fun hobby to start is antique collecting. It can pay off by making you money a few years down the road, and it adds a custom and unique touch to your home. Check out this guide on how to start an antique collection.

Decide what you will collect

There are many antique items you can begin collecting to start off your first antique collection. The first step is doing a bit of research and deciding what items appeal most to you. While you should follow your instincts and pick something that you genuinely like, you should also do a bit of digging on how rare the items you’re thinking of collecting are, how much they are likely to rise or depreciate in value, and if you have the proper space or setup to store and display them.

Brush up on the antiquing lingo

There are certain words and phrases used in the world of purchasing old stuff. If you hear the word “estate,” know that it simply means the item is secondhand or previously owned. The word “vintage” should only refer to items between 50 and 100 years old. Vintage items are estate as well, but neither of these alone is worth as much as an item that’s earned the title of “antique.” “Antique” refers only to items that are 100 years old or older. Knowing this can help you correctly communicate what you’re looking for and help you to hold your own in negotiations with dealers.

Find an antique dealer that you trust

Half of the fun of antiquing is the hunt for the best piece. One of the best assets to have when on the prowl for your next piece is a dealer you trust. Only work with dealers who are honest, transparent, and don’t withhold information or mislabel items. For example, if you’re seeking out antique clocks, you should do some research on how to find a quality antique clock dealer. Then, call the dealers you find and discuss what you’re looking for. Based on that conversation and your own research, decide if you trust that dealer or not.

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