Step Outside of the Box: 5 Ways to Foster Creativity in Kids

Step Outside of the Box: 5 Ways to Foster Creativity in Kids

Hopefully, we witness those moments where a child lights up with joy and excitement when they’re doing something they love. Whether they’re dancing around the kitchen or running around the playground with other kids, this bright spirit fills up our own. But sometimes, more often now than in the past, we see children stuck to electronics, hardly using the incredible powers of a little creativity. If you want to see that bright spark more in your children, take a look at these different ways to foster creativity in kids. From turning on music and dancing with them to taking them to the park to develop their social skills and creative talents, we have what you need to bring that unbridled smile to their face!

Get Creative with Them

If you want to spur your child’s creativity, then you need to model that behavior and get creative with them. Especially when you first start suggesting different creative outlets, such as painting, drawing, dancing, writing, and the like, doing it with them will help them gain confidence. Afterward, try to ensure that your children see you doing creative activities as well. This will encourage their own creative growth as well.

Focus on Free Play

As your kid grows, they will learn and experience the different stages of play. They’ll go through independent play and, at one point, they’ll reach cooperative and free play. Encourage their growth to that stage by emphasizing creativity and moments they can make their own. Take them to the playground and watch them explore, and develop, and play freely. These moments of individual play help foster their creative natures.

Ask Them What They Like to Do

Now, this may seem quite surface level when you ask younger children, but when you really dig into the question, your child’s passions will come about. For example, when you first ask them what they like or what they’re passionate about, they may say things such as eating or video games. But you can use those answers and delve deeper—if they enjoy eating, maybe they’d like cooking or baking. If they like video games, maybe they’d like to learn how to draw and design their own. See where their interests lie and see how you can encourage them!

Allow Exploration

In that same vein, when your child is exploring these passions, try your hardest not to intervene. If they’re coloring out of the lines, let them. These external constraints you and society put on them—like coloring within the lines—are things that reduce their creative flexibility. Allow them to try new things and explore different areas and realms of thought—they could discover something beautiful!

Encourage Participation in the Arts

Lastly, do your best to encourage their participation in the arts. This can begin simply by urging them to read for pleasure and can expand to creating and rehearsing plays. The arts have a magnificent ability to draw creativity out of even the most cloistered of personalities. See the magic of the arts when you encourage it in your children!
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