Fun Activities for Kids to Do at Home

Fun Activities for Kids to Do at Home

When kids are stuck at home for a long time, they can start to feel bored or spend too much time sitting in front of the computer or TV. You may want to find things for them to do that are more engaging and still enjoyable, but you might be at a loss for ideas. For a spark of inspiration, look through these fun activities for kids to do at home.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to fully utilize every nook and cranny around the house as your kids search for the items on their list. Normally, you would simply name different objects that they need to complete the hunt, but you can go a step further. Place actions that they need to do on the scavenger hunt list so that you can mix in playful variety. For instance, you might have them do a simple craft or drawing as one item and ask them to give a family member a handshake or hug as another.

Art and Science Crafts

Crafts are the go-to for many parents looking for at-home activities for their kids. Think about what your kids like when deciding the types of crafts to do. You can find many ideas online and books that include painting, cutting, gluing, and drawing. Maybe the kids can make their own hats out of paper. You could also go a more science-based route with crafts like making slime or performing simple experiments that show them cool reactions with the use of safe household items.

Indoor Camping

Taking a camping trip isn’t always feasible, but indoor camping can be just as much of a fun activity that kids can do at home. You can help them set up a small tent in the living room where they can play and imagine all kinds of exciting stories taking place around them there. The kids can sleepover at their campsite and you can complete the evening with some homemade s’mores after dinner. Decorating the living room with string lights will add another element to the setup, emulating the twinkling night sky.

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