5 of the Best Things to Buy from a Thrift Store

5 of the Best Things to Buy from a Thrift Store

Chances are you’ve already heard about how important it is to shop sustainably. Not only does it greatly benefit the environment, but it also does wonders for keeping your bank account from running empty. But with all the talk about how it’s better to shop at secondhand stores rather than supporting fast fashion, nobody’s really talking about what you should get when you go thrifting. Of course, there are clothes, but what else? Here you’ll find some of the best things to buy from a thrift store—check it out!

Most Kitchen Items

If you’re moving into a new place or your skillet just isn’t doing the trick, then chances are you need new kitchen items. Before you go to a big box store, look to the thrift store. Chances are you’ll find everything you need for your kitchen at the thrift store. There are actually quite a few kitchen items that you should buy used before you even think about buying new—do you really need a brand new mixing bowl? Think about what this reuse can do for the environment!

Wood Furniture

Looking for a new side table? Need some new chairs for your dining table? Are you looking for some props for the high school theatre production? Then look to a thrift store. Truly, the first place you should look at when thinking about furniture purchasing should be a secondhand shop. You’ll find lots of beautiful pieces at incredible prices. Even the ones that aren’t in the best shape can easily be spruced up with a DIY weekend.

Books on Books

We think it’s time to give Amazon a break, which means finding a new place to buy your books. Books are one of the best things to buy from a thrift store. You should absolutely support small- and minority-owned businesses and bookstores, but when you’re just perusing for some new weekend reads or for some old books to fill up your bookcase, then the thrift store should be your preferred destination. There are so many options, and finding a perfect book is like discovering a little bit of treasure.

Kids Toys and Clothing

Kids grow so fast. And for some reason, people don’t like the idea of gifting used clothes. But, if you’re smart about it, if you talk to the parents first, or if you want to save money for more important things for your baby, then a thrift shop is perfection. You can find toys and clothes that are well-priced and in good shape. From onesies to cute little Halloween costumes, you’re sure to find everything you need!

Picture Frames

You truly don’t need to go out and buy a brand-new picture frame. There are so many picture frames at thrift stores. Not only will they come in all the same sizes, but will also have even more diverse structures, styles, and colors than you could imagine. The best part is that if you decide that you want to do some DIY work and it goes awry, you only paid a few bucks and you can easily return for another.

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the many things you can find at a thrift store. Do your wallet and the environment a favor and head to your local thrift shop!
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