Fishing Essentials Every Beginner Needs

Fishing Essentials

If you’re looking to get into fishing, you’ll need to learn new skills and acquire the right equipment. Your approach and tools may also change depending on where and how you fish as well. The following items are fishing essentials every beginner needs.

Fishing License

In order to fish legally as an adult, you’ll need a fishing license. These are specific to the state you’re in and may come in variations that are valid for a single day or for a longer period of time (usually one year). Search online or visit your local fishing store to obtain one. Prior to heading out, make sure you’re familiar with the regulations that you must follow when fishing, as certain activities may still be restricted.

Rod, Reel, and Line

As the backbone of your angling, the rod, reel, and line are musts. Although those who are more experienced will know just the right combination of these three that works for them, it may be easier for you to get a rod and reel that come together. This way, you won’t get lost among all the choices. Furthermore, this kind of rod will often include a line on the reel already.

Hooks, Hard Bait, and Flies

All three of these supplies fall under the broader hook category. The difference is that you attach actual bait to regular hooks, while hard baits mimic small fish and flies mimic—you guessed it—flies. The latter two have hooks built into their design while also appearing like the prey of the fish you’re trying to catch. You might just start with simple hooks, but each type has its place. Think about where you will primarily be fishing. Regular hooks and hard bait are better for deeper, stiller waters. Flies are suited for moving, shallower water.


Some people find that they can fish more effectively from within the water than standing on the banks. For this, you need waders. These are waterproof garments that cover your feet, legs, and varying degrees of your torso. Waders are so important because they keep you dry and comfortable throughout long periods standing in the water. Plus, the footwear that accompanies them provides useful traction. For fly fishers, they’re an absolute necessity.

Charter Boat Fishing

Northwest Indiana is known for it’s Charter Boat fishing in Lake Michigan whether it be spring summer or fall. Visit the Indiana’s North Coast Charter Association for a complete list of charter boat companies and the information.

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