Reasons To Use a Backpack Instead of Luggage When Traveling

Reasons To Use a Backpack Instead of Luggage When Traveling

As traveling becomes less daunting and restricted, many folks are booking their calendars with plans to get out of town. Should you have a few vacation plans on your radar, the time to start planning is now. Before you search for the latest suitcase fad, consider repping your backpack this summer. Don’t worry, if the casual look is not your thing, there are several types of backpacks that allow you to look chic and professional when traveling around based on the top backpacks trends for summer 2021. Versatility, practicality, and convenience—let’s dive into several reasons to use a backpack instead of luggage when traveling this summer.

Backpacks Are More Versatile

Imagine hauling around a rumbling suitcase while trying to explore a new city—not ideal, right? Simply put, you can easily bring your backpack just about anywhere, making it the more versatile option over luggage. Your backpack will be plenty suitable for hikes, trips to coffee shops, and any impromptu beach days.

You’re Forced to Not Overpack

Backpacks prevent you from overpacking, which is one of the best reasons to use a backpack instead of luggage when traveling. That’s likely more difficult to admit for those of you who love having outfit options! Though it might be tough to narrow down your clothing options, traveling light is always worth the repeated outfit.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Though you may be tempted to bring four pairs of shoes on your trip, you may look back and realize you only used two of them. When you pack minimally, there’s less to worry about when you pack to leave from vacay. Think of it this way; the less you pack now, the more room you’ll have for vacation trinkets and gifts!

You Can Avoid the Luggage Claim

One of the worst parts of traveling is standing at the luggage claim and trying to retrieve your suitcase. If you just got to your destination, you’re eager to get the party started and can’t afford to waste time checking whether a gray suitcase circling around the luggage claim is yours for the nth time. If you just returned home, you just want to process your post-travel blues in the comfort of your own bed, not while lingering like a vulture next to a conveyor belt in the airport.

Regardless of which airline you fly, your backpack is much more likely to abide by their carry-on limitation than your bulky suitcase. Whether you landed at home or away, you can head straight for your destination without the tedious experience of luggage claim.

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