Practical Upgrades To Add to Your RV

Practical Upgrades To Add to Your RV

Upgrade your RV with the proper modifications to ensure it has everything you need to feel comfortable. Whether you want a new interior, better lights, or better reception for your cell phone, there are a few must-have renovations you should make to your RV before you hit the road!

New Locks

First and foremost, take care of security and upgrade your RV’s locks. By improving the locks to your undercarriage and interior doors, you keep passengers and your belongings secure.

Better Interior

Keep your RV comfy, especially if you plan on living in it for extended periods; swap out the mattress inside for something you love sleeping on, but remain mindful of dimensions. When shopping for an RV mattress, buy one made for your vehicle since one made for a home will not fit.

Moreover, consider swapping out:

  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Flooring

While these upgrades are by no means required, they increase your comfort and efficiency inside the RV; if your RV’s a motor home, you’ll want an upgraded kitchen to simplify cooking meals.

Upgraded Technology

Nothing’s more frustrating than a poor cellular signal, as it prevents you from communicating with the outside world; not only is this frustrating, but it’s also dangerous in an emergency. As you begin searching for practical upgrades to add to your RV, add ways of boosting your cellular signal to the list.

More often than not, you can boost your cellular signal by equipping your RV or motor home with a cellular signal booster. This will enhance your phone communication with the tower and significantly decrease your chance of dropping a call while you’re out on the open road!

Improved Storage

The final practical upgrade to add to your RV is improved storage, which allows you to make the most of a small space. Additionally, keeping belongings organized with a proper system keeps your RV efficient and tidy.

Consider improving storage with wire shelving inside kitchen cabinets and installing shower racks in your bathrooms; you could also use cubbyholes to store away small belongings, like shoes. By making the most of your space, you give yourself the room you need to stretch out and relax in your living space!


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Fun Ideas to Upgrade Your RV 


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