4 Fun Tourist Destinations in Northwest Indiana

4 Fun Tourist Destinations in Northwest Indiana

Taking a trip this year is difficult with the necessary COVID-19 precautions, but there are ways for you to still get away. Whether you’re a Midwesterner looking to stay local or from farther away, northwest Indiana is a prime spot for outdoor fun. Peruse these four fun tourist destinations in northwest Indiana as you plan if you’re grasping for COVID-safe ideas.

Indiana Dunes

An unforgettable staple of the region, Indiana Dunes National Park holds 15,000 acres of rich woodlands, wetlands, and beachfront property. Though park policy changes as coronavirus cases do, the park can accommodate hundreds of visitors who commit to physical distancing policies.

With Lake Michigan ahead and thousands of trees behind you, there are few spots in the Midwest that match the peacefulness of the Indiana Dunes. Plan a week of camping at a nearby campground to soak it all in.

County Line Orchard

Open to the public for only two autumn months, County Line Orchard is an attraction to pencil in. Fall favorites including apples, pumpkins, sunflowers, and more are ripe for the picking. Your kids will love seeing where the food they find in the store really comes from.

Beyond that, there are corn mazes, tractor rides, and delicious pumpkin or apple cinnamon donuts to enjoy. There’s really no fall facet County Line Orchard doesn’t factor into the fun, located in Hobart Indiana.

Friendship Botanic Gardens

Meanwhile, the Friendship Botanic Gardens in Michigan City offer well-kept gardens full of different plant species and all kinds of wildlife. As you walk the trails, the manicured open spaces and trees allow you to get away from the bustle of daily life for a while and look around in wonder.

Wolf Lake

For a purely aquatic tourist destination in northwest Indiana, head to Wolf Lake. While Lake Michigan draws thousands, people come to Wolf Lake for an express purpose—windsurfing. A gem in the Midwest for devotees, windsurfers come from all around for time on the water.

If you don’t surf, go boating or venture along nearby pedestrian trails and enjoy the view.

As you plan a trip to one or more of these beautiful northwest Indiana spots, don’t neglect the essential car maintenance that’ll help you get there or the unique coronavirus regulations each spot will have.


Sue Baxter