Holiday Traveling Tips for Pet Owners

Traveling Tips for Pet Owners

 If you plan to visit out-of-state family for a road trip or a cabin on the lake, you may need to find accommodations for any pets before you leave. While you have still have time to think before the travel season begins, it’s a good idea to get all of your vacation preparations out of the way. Our traveling tips for pet owners will get you through your ornery vacation preparations.

Decide Now if Your Pet Is Staying Home or Coming With

The sooner you figure out where your pet will go while you’re away, the less of a mental burden it will be. The first major decision you need to make is if they are coming with you or not. It isn’t uncommon for a dog to join the family for a road trip, but it means additional preparation for the car along with some extra stops along the way. You will also need to find out if your pet is allowed at your destination—make sure your parents know that an extra furry friend is coming along for yummy Thanksgiving table scraps.

If they’re not coming along, now is the time to figure out where they are going or who will take care of them.

Who Will Care for Your Pet While You Are Away?

It is essential that you decide as soon as possible who will care for your pet. Many pet sitters have booked schedules especially during heavy holiday and travel seasons. If you can, see if a friend or closer family member can take care of your pet. Cats can stay at your home with minimal interaction—if someone comes in to give them food, water, and a bit of attention, they should behave just fine.

Dogs require more interaction than cats and may need to stay at your designated pet sitter’s home. You may not be able to find the best caretaker for your dog, especially if they require extra attention. When this is the case, consider boarding your dog—it’s not as scary as it may seem, especially if you find the right dog hotel.

Do Not Let Your Pet Walk Freely in the Car

No matter how long your road trip is, you can’t let your animal walk around in the car—even if other family members are there to hold them down. Always keep pets in a travel carrier while the vehicle is moving. During stops, you can let them out for a bathroom break and a walk around the rest stop. If an animal is walking around a fast-moving car and something happens, like an accident or urgent braking, they can be gravely injured or run away. Before you leave for your trip, train them to love car rides, so you know their limits.

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