Ways That Fire Trucks and Fire Engines Differ

Ways That Fire Trucks and Fire Engines Differ

Fire trucks and fire engines are essential to firefighter success. These big, red, and often blaring vehicles are iconic staples of fire departments across the nation. As these wailing, crimson vehicles have passed by you on the road, you’ve likely used the term fire truck or fire engine to refer to them. But there are elements to fire trucks and fire engines that set them apart. Discover the ways that fire trucks and fire engines differ. This way, you can find out how they both play significant roles in firefighters’ responsibilities.

How a Fire Truck Functions

Fire trucks’ primary responsibility is to transport firefighters and tactical firefighting tools. On a fire truck, you’ll find an assortment of Halligan bars, sledgehammers, and other durable tools that help firefighters with forcible entry techniques.

The firefighting personnel who arrive at scenes via fire truck are typically responsible for civilian safety and rescue rather than putting the fires out. Fire trucks offer ground and aerial ladders for firefighters to access hard-to-reach spaces at structural fires.

How a Fire Engine Functions

Fire engines and their cargo are vital for combatting fires. This is the main reason that they arrive at the scene of fires first. One of the ways that fire trucks and fire engines differ is the passengers they carry. While firefighters aboard fire trucks primarily focus on civilian safety, firefighters on fire engines deal with the fire at hand.

Fire engines possess massive water tanks that firefighters use as their chief water resource until they can find another source, such as a local hydrant. Heavy-duty pumps and firehoses help firefighters maneuver the water toward the blaze and its fuel source. It’s common for most engines to have extra firehose nozzles and flame-consuming chemicals to combat various fire types.

Similarities Between Fire Trucks and Fire Engines

It’s inarguable that both fire trucks and fire engines play vital roles in firefighters’ abilities to serve and protect their communities. Both automobiles enable firefighters to tackle blazes and promote community safety efficiently. Their presence is crucial to every firefighting mission, no matter what type of fire is ablaze.

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