Ways To Make a Used Truck Look Brand-New

Ways To Make a Used Truck Look Brand-New

Whether you want to touch up your current vehicle or want to buy a used truck, it’s important to clean it up and personalize it. Making a truck look new again requires some elbow grease and spit shine, but with enough care you can make the vehicle look good enough to brag about. With our favorite ways to make a used truck look brand-new, you’ll prepare yourself for truck renovation using unique methods that’ll impress your neighbors.

Repair Dents and Damage

A brand-new truck doesn’t look like it’s been through the wringer—if you want your old truck to look like it just came off the assembly line, fix up the exterior. Dents and scratches are fairly inexpensive to treat and can even be touched up with something as simple as suction or hot glue. Taking care of those pesky scratches will prevent rust on old metal trucks, since scratches allow for metal to oxidize faster.

Trucks with existing moderate rust issues may require extra care, whether by yourself or by a mechanic. Surface rust is easy enough to handle on your own—all you need to do is sand down the rusted area, apply a rust treatment, prime, and paint. Rust that’s eaten up truck components may need to be handled by the experts, especially if it’s causing leaks.

Take Care of Your Truck’s Seats and Upholstery

Sometimes the outside of a truck looks great, but when you look inside the seats it’s as though a rat’s been chewing on them for years. If your seats and upholstery look like they could use an update or some work, people will notice. If you’ve got the money for it, get the vehicle’s seats reupholstered with your favorite kind of seat material.

A cheaper, but still effective, way to handle old upholstery is by investing in high-quality seat covers for the truck. Choosing the right custom-made truck seat cover will make it look as though you bought new factory-grade seats installed—without the price tag of the job. Before you make the purchase, make sure the seat cover will fit on your truck’s seats. It’s important to get the covers perfect to avoid an unprofessional appearing interior.

New Tires

Nothing looks better on a truck than some impressive looking tires and shiny new rims. If the truck’s tires look gray and worn out, buying new tires will not only keep you safe from blow-outs, but will also add to the beauty of the vehicle. Pick out all-weather tires that make an impact even in the parking lot.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes one of the best ways to make a used truck look brand-new is by simply giving it a good power wash. Don’t power wash with high enough pressure to rinse the paint off. But, washing the tires and exterior with a pressure washer can give your truck the shine it deserves in its second life.

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