How To Survive Outdoor Winter Workouts

How To Survive Outdoor Cold Workouts

The way you protect your body while working out is important. Whether you need arch-supporting footwear for an indoor treadmill or warm clothing for outdoor jogs, you should care for your body even when testing your limits. Here’s how to survive outdoor winter workouts.

Use Layers Well

As an older adult, you likely become chilled more quickly and need warm clothing at home. Well, exercising outdoors is no different—you must use layers that conserve your body heat. If you have any circulation problems, you should consider paying special attention to your extremities and wearing gloves and thick socks to warm your hands and feet.

The layer you choose changes based on the kind of workout you do. If you like plain jogs, then you should have breathable fabrics that wick your sweat away from your body and keep you dry and warm. But if you enjoy cycling, you should know how to layer up for cold bike rides. Regardless of your workout type, you should wear an extra layer or two, so you always have the option to cool off if you’re too warm. You never want to be stuck shivering and wishing you had one more coat.

Exercise With a Friend

Exercising with a friend is a great way to spend any workout, especially in the winter. You get someone to talk to while you expend your energy, and you have the encouragement to keep pushing yourself. However, outdoor winter weather offers its dangers, and you want someone there with you in case you slip and cannot get up in the snow or need a person to call for help. For both fun and serious reasons, exercising with a friend is the best way to go in the snow.

Avoid Inclement Weather

Exercising in the winter often means knowing when to stay inside just as much as venturing out. If there’s inclement weather approaching or slippery sidewalks and roads, do yourself a favor and try an indoor workout at home. Ice and snow are notorious for the hazards they present. Even on a bike, you can slide around and fall off. You don’t want to break something from a patch of ice that you didn’t see in time. The weather is not your friend, so know when it’s telling you to stay indoors and try some yoga or pilates for the day.

Knowing how to survive outdoor winter workouts is important to stay safe and exercise well. With the right plan, you can enjoy the crisp, cold air and the feeling of cozying up after a chilling workout.

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