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Common Car Problems During the Winter

Driving in the snow is beautiful and exhilarating, but it can also be a nightmare. If you do not have the know-how or tools, you can have serious problems with winter driving. Before you hit the road, here are a few of the most common car problems during the winter you should prepare for.

Deflated Tires

Tire pressure directly correlates with the temperature outside. When the outside air is hot, the air particles inside your tire move faster, thereby increasing the tire pressure. The opposite is true of the winter, where your tire pressure will drop with the cold. Though these changes are usually incremental, you should check your tire pressure once the frigid temperatures set in and see if you need to add air. Deflated tires pop easily and can damage your alignment.

Iced Doors and Locks

Your doors and locks keep other people from accessing your vehicle. However, these safety mechanisms can keep you out if they become iced shut. Winter snow and freezing rain seep into the cracks of your door seals and locks, freezing them in position. This ice is difficult to crack, and you may need extra help. Small heaters can typically solve simpler problems, but you may need to call for help with larger issues. Automotive services and locksmiths will have the car lock pick sets and de-icers you need.

Dead Batteries

The winter cold can sap the electric charge out of your battery. Though car batteries are expensive to replace, it is worth checking your current charge. If you are already running low, you are at a higher risk for battery failure. You need your battery to start your car and a dead battery could leave you stranded in an unsafe winter weather situation. Guard against dead batteries by checking yours today.

Torn Windshield Wipers

Melted snow and ice accumulate on your windshield around your windshield wipers. This ice then adheres the wipers to your windshield without your knowledge. If you neglect to properly de-ice or unstick the wipers, you could tear the wiper blades when using them while driving. Torn windshield wipers can prove dangerous in heavy snow conditions where you need increased visibility. Always check for ice around your wipers before driving.

You will drive safer this winter by knowing about the most common car problems during the winter and how to solve them. The best action is always precaution, so winterize and inspect your vehicle today!

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