13 northwest indiana restaurants that serve prime rib steak

13 Northwest Indiana Restaurants That Serve Prime Rib

     Our Comprehensive Overview of fine Northwest Indiana steakhouses and Steak Restaurants presents the top spots to get sizzling sirloin and fiery fillets – rare, medium, or well — to enhance your eating out experience. It’s very common today, to go to a restaurant and you can’t order Prime Rib. This can be very frustrating to your dining experience. We have compiled this list for the Prime Rib lovers in your dining party. All of these places are open every day, except where indicated. And all of them have a full menu and a full bar, except where indicated below.
    We did include the National Franchises, which you will recognize the name and are familiar with their presentation, but many of these are locally owned or family owned and operated with their own unique style of signature entrees and atmosphere and usually the owner is also the cook! We have also tried to indicate those with outdoor dining. 
    We found that not everyone serves prime rib, so if that is your goal, this post is essential. There are only 13 places that serve prime rib. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

  1. Freddy’s Steakhouse, 6442 Kennedy Ave., 844-1500, www.freddysSteakHouseHammond.com, Signature steak, Prime Rib, Porterhouse, Ribeye, FiletMignon, FiletMedallions, Sirloin, New York, chopped Steak, open every day, intimate romantic atmosphere, see article inside this issue.
    2. Galveston Steakhouse, 10 Commerce Sq. Michigan City, 879-5555, New York, Ribeye, Chopped Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Prime Rib,  Filet medallions, lamb shanks, bloomin onion, full bar, full menu, casual attire, located close to Washington Park and Lighthouse Place.3. Kelsey’s Steak House, 2300 Morthland Dr. (Hwy 30) Valparaiso, 462-4022, as the only steakhouse in Valpo, place is always crowded, Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, New York, top Sirloin, Filet medallions, Ribeye, bone in Ribeye,  open every day, full bar, casual attire, family owned and operated,4. Outback Steakhouse, 1590 E. Lincoln Hwy., (Hwy 30) Merrillville,736-8995, known for their bloomin onion, Prime Rib, filet, Sirloin, Ribeye, New York, Porterhouse, Filet and Lobster, medium priced. 
    5. Portofino Grill, 3233 N State Rd. 39, LaPorte, 325-8541, Prime Rib, New York, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Steak Diane, Lobster, located on Briar Leaf golf course, full menu, outdoor seating, casual attire, family owned and operated,  closed Sundays,
    6 Texas Corral, 5718 Franklin St. Michigan City, 871-1545, www.texascorral.net, Porterhouse, FiletMignon, Steak & Lobster, Texas Strip, Cowboy Steak, Sirloin, T-bone, Boneless Ribeye, Prime Rib, 
    7 . Texas Corral, 9200 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland,   8. Texas Corral, 5880 US Hwy 6, Portage, 764-7575,  9.  Texas Corral, 312 W. 81st Ave., Merrillville, 769-1101.
    10.  Texas Roadhouse, 2070 Calumet Ave., Dyer, 322-9420, www.TexasRoadhouse.com, New York, Dallas Fillet, Porterhouse, Bone-in Ribeye, Prime Rib (3 sizes), Shopped Steak, Sirloin, Ribeye, Filet,  open every day, full bar, very casual, .11. Texas Roadhouse, 6130 E. US Hwy 6, Portage, 762-590012. Town Club Steak and Seafood, 2904 – 45th St., Highland, 924-5227, www.tounclubon45th.com closed Mondays, full menu, family owned and operated, chared Prime Rib every night, Ribeye, Lobster, Frog legs, full bar.
    13. William B’s Steakhouse,
    777 Blue chip Dr. Michigan City, 879-7711 www.bluechipcasino.com, Filer Mignon, New York, Bone-in Ribeye, Porterhouse, Prime Rib, open every day, full menu, valet parking,Northwest Indiana dining

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