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“Mark of Cain” is a Must-See at Beatniks

*** Recommended *** The Mark of Cain” has all the ingredients for a nail-biting thriller – an old semi-abandoned cottage on a lake, a skanky neighbor, a self-serving psychiatrist and an escaped mental patient! Co-Directors Rip and Bonnie Johnson, also the people behind Beatniks Entertainment, have put together a suspense-filled production full of twists, turns and twins! 3 Spotlights

When Sean O’Neill (Mike Lerner) and his wife, Dale (Maggie Lerner), arrive at his family cottage in the middle of nowhere, they find a mess – not only the dust, spider webs and dead leaves they might have expected, but also food wrappers, beer cans, liquor bottles. Sean and Dale, newlyweds who desperately need money, are going to sell the cottage, against the wishes of Sean’s psychotic twin brother, Michael (Andrew Delano). Michael was confined to a mental hospital for the criminally insane because he and his alter-ego, Vincent murdered someone.

As they’re cleaning up, their disreputable neighbor – who was supposed to be taking care of the place – Otto Sorenson (Mark Aken) swaggers in. He and his skanky wife, Molly (Cari Ann Lobok), are there to grab all the cans and bottles so that Sean won’t know they’ve been partying in his place. By the way, Otto loathes Michael.

They’re barely settled when Sean gets a phone call from the police. Michael has escaped and they’re sure he’s heading for the cottage. Meanwhile, they get a visit from Michael’s psychiatrist, Dr. Eugenia Clifford, who now lives on an island in the lake. She’s writing a book about some of her more ‘interesting’ cases – and Michael is her most ‘interesting – and she wants to get more insight into his case by digging into Sean’s psyche.

As evening comes, it gets foggy over the lake, Dr. Clifford can’t go back to her island, and everyone waits for Michael. Will he show up? Will everyone survive the night? You can find out at Beatniks!

“The Mark of Cain” runs through November 5th at Beatniks on Conkey, 418/420 Conkey Street, Hammond. Street parking is free. Running time is two hours with an intermission. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8:00; Sunday at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $15, including yummy homemade refreshments. FYI (219) 852-0848, or

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