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Wildlife Rehab Birds of Prey

baby owl wildlife rehabilitation valparaiso indianaHumane Society Calumet Area’s Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (MRWRC) hosts an open house with fun for all ages on  Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 11am and also 2pm at the Main Office, 8149 Kennedy Ave., Highland.

Also, Saturday, March 27th, 2021 from 10am – 11am at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center, 1215 N. State Rd. 49, Porter, Indiana.

The Humane Society provides refuge for large birds of prey—such as hawks, owls, bald eagles and vultures—with enough room to maneuver and build up flight muscles, an important part of recovery for an injured bird, Kadletz said.

Moraine wildlife center valparaiso indiana“Once they have recovered, the enclosure allows them the proper flight time to build their muscles before we release them,” Kadletz explained. “It is really critical to any bird to have proper flight time before it is released, so it can sustain flight and hunt properly.”

The enclosure was built thanks in part to the Porter County Wildlife Management Advisory Board, which appropriated $30,000 toward the structure’s construction. Additional sponsors included Dr. Rachael Jones and Dr. Christopher Keeley, Indiana Audubon Society, Jake’s Feed and Garden, and Dr. Larry McAfee.

Guests to the open house are asked to bring a supply donation from MRWRC’s wish list, which can be found at on their website. Proceeds benefit MRWRC’s injured and orphaned wildlife.

For more information on the event and MRWRC, visit or contact 219.299.8027.



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Endangered Species Found In Cedar Lake Indiana

     On July 2nd, 2020 Humane Indiana Wildlife received a call about two young chicks found in a window well in Cedar Lake, IN. Upon further communication with the two teens who found the chicks, it was determined the chicks were actually Virginia Rails, an endangered species in the state of Indiana. “When the finders sent us a photograph of the chicks they had discovered, we were very surprised to see that they were Virginia Rails Continue Reading . .

4 Main Reasons Why Families Should Adopt a Dog4 Main Reasons Why Families Should Adopt a Dog
If your family is looking for some extra fun and love, then a pet may be just the route to take. Now, this isn’t something you should take lightly or decide on a whim, but dogs are known to provide extra reasons to enjoy life. The rewards for adopting a pup far outweighs most concerns and fears you may have.  Continue Reading . .
goat walking for family fun in valparaiso indiana creme de la cropHave You Heard of Goat Walking? 
Owners at Creme De La Crop Farm in Valparaiso found themselves without the time to take their goats walking, which is a much needed activity for the health and well-being of the goats. So, they came up with a method to have family volunteers walk the goats – which has turned out to be a huge success!  Continue Reading . .  
Best Animals to Have on Your Hobby Farm

Best Animals to Have on Your Hobby Farm

Hobby farms are great ways to produce your own food, make a little extra cash, and spend more time outdoors with some of nature’s greatest creatures. One of the best parts of owning a hobby farm is that you don’t have to rely on it as your sole source of income. This means you’re free… Continue Reading →

buddy the squirrel

Local Worker to have a “Squirrely” Christmas

by Gayle Kosalko   This may seem to be a squirrely little story….and it is, but it’s a sweet one too. Back in September a work crew set out to cut down a tree in the Historical Society’s yard.  And while they were working, they noticed a baby squirrel watching them.  There had been… Continue Reading →

christmas plants gardening

Hall out the Holly, but Don’t Eat it

Holiday plants and greenery are cherished traditions. But under that pretty, green demeanor may be some toxins that are harmful to certain members of your family, including dogs and cats. Purdue Extension Porter County wants you and your family to be aware of some of the issues surrounding these holiday decorations.  Holly  All parts of… Continue Reading →

whiting indiana parks saves snowy owl birding in northwest indiana e1515763847136

Whiting Parks Saves Snowy Owl

by Gayle Faulkner Kosalko Hopefully, “Owl” be Back!        Officer Milford Hale with the WPD found a beautiful Snow Owl in Lakefront Park.  It appeared that its wing had been broken.      Ann Canning of the Park Department said that after many hours of calls, they found a wildlife rescue that was willing to take… Continue Reading →

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