Why You Should Clean Your Windows Before Winter

Why You Should Clean Your Windows Before Winter

Window cleaning is typically a task most homeowners save for the spring and summer, but cleaning before the snowy season can be beneficial. Here are a few reasons why you should clean your windows before winter.   

A Clean Slate  

Anyone in the Midwest knows winter means a lot of ice, snow, and salt. Ice and salt building up on your home’s exterior is inevitable. If your windows still haven’t been cleaned from the summer and fall pollen, dust, and dirt, then adding ice and salt to the mix will only make your spring-cleaning venture even more taxing. Getting your windows cleaned before winter provides you and your windows with a clean slate and will make post-winter cleaning an easier job.  

Increases Longevity  

The more attention you pay to your windows, the better shape they’ll be in. If you only clean your windows once a year in the warmer months, adding another cleaning to the calendar as preventative maintenance is a smart idea. In doing so, you reduce the amount of build-up that can damage your windows, keeping them in good-standing longer.   

Health Impacts  

One of the most overlooked reasons why you should clean your windows before winter is your mental health. As the season change, we transition to less sunlight and more dark, gloomy days. With a reduction in natural light, many of us are susceptible to poor moods and even Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a form of depression most common in winter months with less sunlight. Cleaning your windows is a simple way to make sure your home is soaking up as much natural sunlight as possible— without any grime in the way.   

Cleaning your windows before winter hits is a great idea for making spring cleaning easier, increasing your window’s quality, and improving your mental health. Be sure to hire a professional window cleaning company before the snow hits to reap these benefits. 

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