Whiting’s In Bloom on July 13th

     While the lots in Whiting are little, there’s LOTS going on in these “lots!” Whiting in Bloom Garden Tour will take place on Saturday, July 13 from noon until 4p.m.  Arts Alive brought back this lovely tradition.  For just $10, you can see 10 gardens in our quaint and unique community of Whiting and Robertsdale.

        Every garden is a reflection of the person who created and tends it.  Today our gardens have virtually become our “summer living room” as more and more people are entertaining and spending more time in their yards.   Even today’s production of so many fun garden accessories from signs to gigantic tin animals (and Whiting seems to have more than its share of decorative iguanas in their gardens), classical pieces, pieces of whimsy….all help the gardener to make his lot his very own masterpiece.

         This year we will have gardens that range from a New York style planter garden with not a blade of grass anywhere, to a full lot garden designed from scratch by one of our local Master Gardeners.  Here you’ll also find a small reception of dainty finger food and cool drinks befitting a beautiful garden walk and a lovely environment to sit with other like minded growers and chat about all you’ve seen that day.

        Come behind the giant hedgerow to see what’s growing in one of our larger yards.  This beautiful home and hedgerow were both begun in 1929.  The house was built by Whiting’s American Legion in the hope of making the homes in Whiting “more modern.”  Today it’s a showcase of a “modern” 1929 home with a very updated garden, pool, and an actual stone kitchen.

     Enter the antique wrought iron gate and meet our 94 year old gardener who has lived in this family home her entire life.   It’s the ultimate in a “friends gardens” as so many plants over so many years have been gifted and exchanged.   Our gardener said that each time a plant comes up, it brings with it the memory of a dear friend.

      More modern is the garden of a couple who have managed to take a pretty barren and small backyard and make it into one of the most relaxing spots I’ve ever had the privilege to sit in.  Aside from the interesting plantings, fountains, which include a small toad home (Yes, a real toad spent the summer there) it seems that their movie screen and surround sound are all run by cell phone.  Just to keep the neighbors entertained, they sometimes bring in the sound of dinosaurs.  During our visit you’ll find a Hollywood theme going…..lots of gold items in the garden and golden hits playing from your favorite classic movie.

    Our community has many beautiful hidden and unusual gardens and this year’s tour will include 10 of them.   Stay downtown and have dinner in one of our many restaurants and then bring your lawn chairs and come to the first of our terrific Summer with the Symphony evening as the Whiting Park Festival Orchestra  presents “Pierogies and Mascots” in Whiting’s Lakefront Park.

       Whiting in Bloom is scheduled for Saturday, July 13.  Tickets which are $10 are available at the Chamber of Commerce, Rebeca’s Hair & Tanning,  and Mindbenders, all located on 119th Street.

   You may also buy a ticket the day of at our first garden home at 1441 Oliver Street right off of 119th Street.   Any questions,  please call Gayle at 659-8129 or email her at puccini99@aol.com.

Sue Baxter