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Whiting Parks Saves Snowy Owl

by Gayle Faulkner Kosalko

Hopefully, “Owl” be Back!

       Officer Milford Hale with the WPD found a beautiful Snow Owl in Lakefront Park.  It appeared that its wing had been broken.

     Ann Canning of the Park Department said that after many hours of calls, they found a wildlife rescue that was willing to take it.

    “His wing was not broken as far as the Vet knew but he said it was torn pretty badly.  Unfortunately there was not much of a chance to repair the wing, so I believe they modify the owl’s life ~ basically assisted living for disabled owls,” Ann said.

     She said it was amazing to watch the vet as he examined the owl.  When she herself got to touch the owl, she said it was super soft, like touching a fuzzy blanket.

    “During the exam, the owl was very calm, and its eyes were amazing.  Like a human, they follow voices,” she said.

     According to the Vet, the owl was young so it’s believed that there will likely be more of them in our area.  Unfortunately many in the area have ended up with similar injuries, probably due to the owls being struck by a vehicle.

     The facility that the owl was taken to was just temporary.  The beautiful white owl was then going to be transported to another location for better care. 

    If you’d like to see more photos of the Snowy Owl, a wonderful Facebook Page you can visit is Whiting Robertsdale Wildlife page.  There you will find a photo of another Snowy Owl sitting in snow at the park, a small falcon, coyote and deer.  Thank you to whoever is keeping up this website.  It’s truly beautiful.

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