Which Seat Cover Material Is Best for Vehicles?

Which Seat Cover Material Is Best for Vehicles?

When you’re choosing a type of seat cover for your car, van, or truck, you may feel stuck looking at all the different options. Not only do you have to choose a style, but you also need to know which seat material to pick too. Picking the right material is the first step in the seat cover buying experience. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that appeal to people in different stages of their lives. Before you begin your search, learn more about which seat cover material is best for vehicles by considering these options first.


If you’ve ever wanted the sporty, luxurious look of leather seats without the price you’d pay at the dealership, leatherette seat covers may be the best option for you. Though leatherette may look and feel like smooth, soft leather, it’s actually a type of vinyl—or PVC in technical terms. This construction allows the seat cover to last longer and stand up to hazards you would usually want to protect leather seats from.

While leather seats may crack or dry out if you spill water on them, leatherette repels the water right off and gives you plenty of time to clean any spill. The one thing you need to watch out for are cheap leatherette manufacturers. You must be careful of seat cover manufacturers selling you cheaply made products. High-quality leatherette will look and feel like genuine leather without its high maintenance needs.

Original Upholstery

When you want to keep the original appearance of your vehicle’s seat without endangering it, searching for seat covers that match the original equipment of the vehicle may be the best move. Also known as velour, these soft and comfortable seat covers protect your seats from basic wear and tear. They also hide the fact that you have seat covers, making them perfect for anyone who wants a slight design change and light seating protection.

If you didn’t get to choose the color of your seats or just want to protect the resale value, original upholstery is the way to go.


For an all-around sleek, waterproof, and comfortable seat cover, neoprene is the best option for you. Neoprene is a foam-based product that you can find in waterproof clothing, such as wetsuits. The extra padding that it provides your seat makes it comfortable to sit on for everyone in the vehicle. Though there are many misconceptions about neoprene, many of them arise from buyers who have purchased low-quality neoprene.

With its resilience and durability, neoprene is one of the best options to consider when determining which seat cover material is best for vehicles. High-quality neoprene seat cover manufacturers may include additional UV protection or water resistance to improve the material’s longevity.

Whether you choose the luxurious look of leatherette, the cozy protection of original equipment, or the sleek appearance of neoprene, your car will look far better with seat covers. This will be especially true if you’re grappling with poor-quality seating or messy passengers.


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