What Is Causing My Shag Rug To Look Faded?

What Is Causing My Shag Rug To Look Faded?

Shag rugs are the ultimate decorative addition to rooms that need more color, comfort, or texture. Their plush nature gives them a luxurious appeal that can really tie your room’s aesthetic together. Though it’s a rugged interior design element, a shag rug is still plenty susceptible to fading with time. If you’ve noticed rug colors wearing and have asked yourself, “what is causing my shag rug to look faded?” you can find the answers below.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is one of the most common things causing your shag rug to look faded. Shag rugs in high traffic areas, such as the hallway or in front of a couch, tend to appear faded sooner than those in less frequented spaces.

Hot Homeowner Tip: One of the best aspects of having a shag rug is that it offers comfort underfoot! It’s not realistic to avoid walking on your rugs, but you can preserve your rugs’ conditions a bit by having guests remove their shoes before coming in.

Direct Sunlight

Though most homeowners highly regard natural sunlight as a feature in the home, direct sunlight can harm your shag rug. Sunlight causes rugs’ colors to fade with time.

Direct sunlight can also cause your rug to turn brittle and dry out. As a good rule of thumb, try to limit your rugs’ sun exposure, especially during the prime UV hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


The heavier the furniture, the more impressionable it is on your shag rug. Couch, table, and chair legs will imprint your shag rug. The greater a furniture piece’s weight, the more it will compress your shag rug’s fibers.

Hot Homeowner Tip: To avoid harsh imprints on your rugs, move your furniture around regularly. Even moving your couch or table an inch or so can increase your chances of restoring a matted rug and saving its overall quality.

What To Do With Your Faded Shag Rug

An unsightly rug isn’t ideal for any homeowner. If foot traffic, sunlight, or furniture have compromised your shag rug’s conditions, you can use tips for revitalizing your shag rug to restore its look.

If your shag rug appears beyond repair, there’s no harm in upgrading your home’s rug inventory and investing in a new one. Look for shag rugs with dense piles for ideal shag longevity.


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