Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Car’s Longevity

Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Car’s Longevity

Cars are some of the most important possessions people own, and the vast majority of people try to take care of them accordingly. However, you might have some regular habits that do more harm to your car than you realize. You probably don’t think twice about a lot of these things about until a real problem pops up. This article will show you a few ways you could be hurting your car’s longevity without realizing it.

Taking Turns Too Hard

For the miniscule amount of time taking your turns hard saves you, it’s not worth damaging your car. Taking corners at fast speeds can be detrimental to many of your car’s driving systems. It can hurt your brakes, your suspension, your tires, your axles, and many other essential parts of your car. Slow down a little bit, and take your turns gently. You’ll barely notice the amount of time you’re losing, but you will notice your car lasting longer.

Not Getting Your Oil Changed

For everything we hear about how important it is to change our oil regularly, a lot of people forego it. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your oil changed, it’s probably time to take your car in before something unfortunate happens. Your oil will gradually begin collecting tiny metal shavings from friction and start to break down after a long enough time. Not getting regular oil changes is one of the most preventable ways you’re hurting your car’s longevity.

Stopping Too Hard

Your brakes can only handle so much before they start sustaining damage. If you’re someone who follows people on the highway very closely or who doesn’t break until the last second at stop lights, you put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your brakes. A good way to keep your car going longer is to not slam on the brakes so much. Stopping too hard doesn’t just hurt your brake pads; it’s also bad for your rotor as well.

Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

It’s never a good feeling when your check engine light comes on, but you can’t afford to simply ignore it. Check engine lights can come on for any number of reasons—some very basic with easy fixes, and some that spell disaster should you leave it for too long. If your check engine light comes on, don’t wait a while before bringing your car in to a mechanic or checking out the problem yourself. You can save yourself a lot of future headaches by being extra cautious.

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