Ways To Make Yourself More Visible To Other Drivers

Ways To Make Yourself More Visible To Other Drivers

When you’re driving, you may think about your surroundings, but you should also consider your vehicle’s appearance from others’ perspectives. You should make sure that other drivers can see you in order to avoid collisions. Here are some ways to make yourself more visible to other drivers.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Maintaining a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you is a basic principle, yet many drivers fail to follow it. You should wait three seconds after the car in front of you starts from a red light. This gives you time to brake without hitting the other car in case of a sudden stop, and also ensures they can see you. With enough distance, you’ll stay clear of their blind spots. Be especially careful when following large trucks, as they may have a more limited backward view compared to cars.

Slow Down in Dangerous Positions

Certain positions on the road can hide your vehicle from others because of surrounding buildings, vegetation, or other objects. In any area with bends, sharp turns, or busy intersections, you should slow down and proceed with caution. Avoid being the driver who suddenly appears right around a corner and approaches others at high speed. Otherwise, people may not have time to react, and you could cause a collision. Stay vigilant near side streets for the same reason.

Install Auxiliary Lights

Installing auxiliary lights is a great way to make yourself more visible to other drivers, independent of your driving behavior. You can set aside time to perform upgrades and add lights that make it easier for motorists to see you in dark conditions. You could add switchback LED lights, which increase the size of your front turn signals. LED fog lights could also help to make the road clearer in foggy conditions. However, you should learn all the local regulations regarding auxiliary lights in your state, as many types of lights can potentially blind drivers.

Ways To Make Yourself More Visible To Other Drivers

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