Ways To Help Your Dog Like Other People

Ways To Help Your Dog Like Other People

It’s easy to get frustrated with your dog when they’re rude or mean to other people. This frustration may put a wedge in your relationship with your dog, and your dog’s temperament may cause a gap in a few of your friendships. If you need to solve the riddle of your dog’s territorial nature, consider these ways to help your dog like other people and start working through the behavior in a constructive manner.

Take Your Dog Away From Their Territory To Meet Others

Some dogs are completely different animals once you bring them somewhere that isn’t their “territory.” They’ll run around with other dogs and hang around people just fine—which is completely different from the growling and barking that they display at home. If your dog is like this, consider taking your dog with you when you meet a friend, family member, or romantic interest outside the house.

As long as the other person respects the dog’s boundaries and doesn’t lose patience with them, they can begin building a friendship. Make sure the other person allows your dog to sniff them—the dog may remember their scent the next time they come over to your house.

Try Dog Daycare or Boarding

Not only does dog daycare allow your pup to meet new canine friends, but they’ll also meet new people who aren’t you. Have your dog learn to trust other people with their care as they warm up to the thought of getting attention from humans besides their owner.

Before you settle on a dog boarding or daycare service, learn everything you can about their establishment to ensure they can handle a dog that is a little more difficult. A dog boarder with trained dog handlers will take better care of your companion than a less expensive one without dog professionals.

Have Guests Give Treats to the Dog When They Visit

If you conditioned your dog to understand that treats are rewards for good behavior, you can have new guests give the dog a treat whenever they enter the house. Though this way to help your dog like other people may be bad for your dog’s diet, helping them socialize through rewards is more important. You can always compensate for the extra treats with added exercise or playtime later.

Guests may need to respect boundaries when giving treats. Make sure they understand that the treat doesn’t give them a free pass to pet the dog—your pup might take the treat and run back to their favorite place in the house to eat it. If the dog doesn’t let them get close, have them set the treat down or gently toss it toward your puppy so they still understand the good intentions.

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