Watch The Owner of Panorama Magazine on Video!

     If you’re a fan of videos, you’re gonna love this one. You’ll laugh at Bill’s jokes, and get lots of information about local festivals and events.

     Here’s some of the Highlights of this video:
• What’s the difference between a big Festival and A small One?
• How to Promote a Festival or Event
• All about the Popcorn Festival
• Top 5 Festivals in Lake County
• Become a Professional Festival Goer – Tips on Attending Festivals
• New September Christmas Festival Charity Event coming in September

  In addition you’ll hear tips and advice on how to use the PanoramaNOW Website, what’s going on with the local theatre scene, upcoming Beer Festivals, things to do Labor Day Weekend.
   Sue Baxter also talks about the annual features and Bill And Kali add to the discussion about the PanoramaNOW’s Hiking and Biking Annual Feature.
   The video also covers one Downtown in the Region that is undergoing a Full Transformation! Get more info and find out more from watching this video.
    As an advertiser, Bill and Sue talk about the benefits that advertisers get that you probably don’t know about!
   Find out which area Festival is known for it’s Chalk Art and why. Find out which city has a Polish Festival coming, and get tips on some of the upcoming Fall Festivals!

Sue Baxter