great lakes labs offering covid 19 test to anyone

Valparaiso Lab Offers Testing To Anyone

     Great Lakes Labs is proud to provide COVID-19 confirmatory testing to the Northwest Indiana community. The test can determine infections in individuals showing symptoms and those who are asymptomatic. According to the lab, a doctor’s order is not needed, nor does the person seeking the testing need to be showing symptoms,

     The test is a useful tool for those who have signs of COVID-19 and those who don’t have symptoms, but might have been exposed. The results are especially useful for caregivers and people in the high-risk category. Testing is also beneficial for essential workers due to their lack of social isolation.

     The testing offered at Great Lakes Labs is a Food and Drug Administration-approved genetic test that confirms the presence of the COIVD-19 virus. It also confirms the presence of 21 other upper respiratory viruses, such as influenza A & B, SARS, H1N1 and Legionnaires’ Disease.

    Great Lakes Labs has been administering FDA approved Covid-19 genetic test since April 8th. They are a CLIA licensed, high complexity laboratory that is able to simultaneously identify the two molecular targets of COVID 19 as well as 21 other upper respiratory viruses.
     If you are interested in being tested for coronavirus, it takes about an hour and is completed right in the laboratory at 1051 Transport Drive in Valparaiso. Call ahead for any questions and concerns. Call Local: (219) 464-8885 or Toll Free: (888) 464-8885. You can also email: No insurance is accepted nor Medicare is accepted. Costs vary depending upon how long you wait for results ranging from $160 for Covid Only and $260 for 21 panel test.

    Kouts Health Care clinic is also offering Testing to anyone and is located at 703 N. Main Street, they can be reached by calling: 219-766-3131. They post interesting comments regarding testing on their facebook page: 
Their tests are not free and they have 4 different tests ranging from 2 @ $55 each; 1 for $100 and one for $128.
You pay up front but they will file with your insurance company so at least part of the cost would be refunded.
2 of the tests are Medicare covered so no up front cost for those.


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