Valparaiso Author Writes Children’s Books

     Once Upon a Time. There was a Professional Author named Joslin Fitzgerald, who enjoyed writing magical stories for all boys and girls. And loving kids of all races, faiths, weights, shades, also looks on their faces, while writing her original fairy tales.
     This sweet lady wanted to teach children of all shapes and ages, how to be nice, kind, and polite. Bottom line. She Realized nice things would always be important in their lives. She wanted to teach the children to listen, learn, also obey in the right ways, while being sweet to each other night, and day!

     That’s why, having many Fun Exciting life lessons to impart, she started writing her beautiful books. Her books can now be found at Walmart on line, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in stores, and on her nice web site at

     So, writing An Escaping Princess and a Runaway Prince that’s about family.
     A Small Star From Afar that proves all kids are a Star. A Kute Karing Kids Klub that helps children face fear.
     A Nice Wild Fairy Ride that reminds kids to be nice, kind, and polite.
    All Frogs Sing Charming Songs that’s about love. A lot of Bugs and Teacups that teaches children the importance of home. At the Zoo Whos Whooo, that shows kids who they are.
     A Nerdy Humming Birdie that’s about the empty nest, and unconditional love.
     A Cookie and Cake Holiday that sweetly deals with loss. And, A Funny fluffy Puppy that teaches everybody to do things in the right way. Jill Says there’s more FUN, HAPPY, ADVENTURE books to be written. Jill has spent Years creating these new darling, cool stories, for a child near, and dear to You!

     And today she is still writing more books to make sure that ALL CHILDREN around the World, WHO READ HER Words. Children who WILL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, with their days full of Love, Happiness and Laughter!

     To order and find out more about these sweet darling cool books go to
   She has a Book Signing set at Barnes and Noble stores with the first event is Memorial Weekend on Saturday, May 25th at 11 am – 2PM at Barnes and Nobles Mishawaka.

     AND She Has a Book Signing at Barnes and Nobles Valparaiso, June 1st. 11AM – 2PM.


Sue Baxter