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Towle Theater’s “String” – Review by Carol Moore

Highly Recommended **** If you like a story with an interesting twist, then the Towle Theater’s new production, “String”, is the musical for you. Take a tiny bit of Greek mythology, drop it into a skyscraper somewhere, add a sweet love story with lush music and clever, complicated lyrics, it’s a recipe for success. My friend Nancy and I really enjoyed “String”. Kudos to Director Jeff Casey on another winner. 4 Spotlights

In this story, the three Fates, Atropos (Mikaela Sullivan), Lachesis (Stephanie Naumoff) and Clotho (Carolyn Waldee), were responsible for the string of life of every mortal from birth to death. Clotho spun the string of life, Lachesis determined the length of the string (life), and Atropos cut the string to end the life.

One day, while they were quietly doing their job, Atropos snipped the thread of a woman who just happened to be a favorite of Zeus. When they informed the irate Zeus (Quinn Rigg) that they wouldn’t/couldn’t restore her life, he banished them from Olympus, adding a curse – that they couldn’t return until one of them fell in love with a mortal.

Fast forward to the modern world. The three Fates are living and working on the 200th floor of a skyscraper. Whenever they take a break, Lachesis and Clotho like to visit the building’s vending machines; Atropos likes riding the elevator up and down.

One day, a security guard named Mickey (Elliot Bibat) noticed something suspicious on one of his monitors, a woman riding up and down in the elevator but never getting off. When he mentioned it to his relief, O’Brien (Spencer Douglas) told him to ignore it – but of course Mickey couldn’t leave it alone. When Mickey encounters Atropos, an unlikely friendship – and maybe a little more – developed. One day, however, when Lachesis determines that the security guard’s life will end, Atropos tries to prevent it – and chaos results.

The members of the ensemble plays multiple parts – including vending machines (and where Set/Costume Designer Kevin Bellamy found vending machine fabric for shirts is anyone’s guess! They are: Geneva/Night (Helen Knudsen), Proofreader Gal (Mary Laura Godby), HR Guy (Alex Iacobucci), Temp Chick (Nikki Krzebiot) and Man in Suit/Zeus (Quinn Rigg).

Vocal/Music Director Elizabeth Tuazon, Piano, led a larger than usual musical ensemble including Mallory Jullian (Violin), Elena Levi (Viola), Aaron Zemelko (Cello), Ava Neal (Bass) and Roye Robley (Percussion).

“String” runs through July 28th at the Towle Theater, 5205 Hohman Avenue, Hammond. Parking is free. Running time is 2 hours, with an intermission. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm; Sundays at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $19. FYI (219) 937-8780 or

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