Tips To Convert Your Basement Into a Rec Room

Tips To Convert Your Basement Into a Rec Room

Often, when house hunting, homes that contain basements can really draw a buyer. You may have many great ideas for how to utilize the space—an extra family room, a home gym, a guest living area for when the in-laws are in town. If you choose to make your lower level a place for entertainment, consider a few tips to convert your basement into a rec room to help you get started.

Choose a Theme

You’ll first want to choose a central theme, from a bar setup to a theater to a 50s diner. Knowing the direction you want to go will help you decide what materials and skills you’ll need to achieve your desired look and function.

Choose Your Lighting

Regardless of your recreation room’s theme, you will want to install a few different types of lighting. You’ll need sufficient lighting for everyday activities, but you’ll also want to be able to set the mood other times. Putting some of your fixtures on dimmer switches will allow you to decide how much illumination you want at any given time.

Choose Your Flooring

In creating a rec room, you have to imagine that you will entertain guests in this area, whether for parties or more leisurely events like movie showings. Either way, it’s best to install solid surface flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, or vinyl. This type of flooring will allow you to clean up potential spills with ease, fix slight damages, deter the gathering of microbes, and go with many possible looks or themes.

Explore different flooring options based on potential moisture, temperature, and sound within the space. Hardwood is easy to clean, can hold heat, and has a classic look that will match many themes. On the other hand, laminate and vinyl retain less heat but do have some moisture-resistant properties.

With a few tips to convert your basement into a rec room, you’ll be on your way to creating a fun space in your home to hang out or entertain. As we continue to stay home at this time, it may be the perfect opportunity to put some work into making your own space for fun while maintaining safety and distance from the public.
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