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The Truth About Balding

by Mindy Gajdik
Have you noticed that it seems more people are balding? Why would that be? There are a few reasons. It is true, that genetics are a big part of it. Some of balding is in the DNA, but the other factors effecting balding can be your lifestyle.

Poor diet can be a big culprit to the growing trend in balding or hair becoming thinner. American society eats too many animal fats in their diets. Fast foods, including fries, are much more popular today. For good hair growth we need Biotin, iron, protein, zinc and vitamin B. Anything to increase the circulation in your body also helps prevent balding. How active we are helps increase circulation. For example, a Cardio workout is better for hair growth than strength training. We tend to sit more now than walk. In the old days, people walked more.

Balding is related to your hormones (including birth control) circulating throughout our system. If you have a low metabolism or trouble with your thyroid, chances are, your hair will be thin. Some heart, steroids, diabetic, and blood pressure medications can also contribute to thinning hair.

Massages can be very helpful in retaining your hair. The easiest thing you can do, is when you shampoo your hair, give yourself a good massage. Does your scalp move when you rub it? If you are tense, sometimes, the skin is so tight the skin will not budge. After 5-10 minutes of massage, you can feel it get loose! Use as clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a week, more if you are balding.

Pollution in the air also contributes to balding. We use more products in our hair without washing the pores properly. This suffocates the follicle and shuts off its growing strength.

Hats get a lot of blame for hair loss. It is a small contributing factor. Only for those that wear the band too tight are at risk.

Mothers have also gotten a bad rap. Scientists have changed their minds and admit that balding can come from either parent. Another interesting theory is that men who tend to have hairy bodies tend to be balder. It can also be true for women. It has to do with circulation and imbalance of the testosterone.

The important thing to know is once you are bald it is harder to fix. Prevention is the key to stop or retard hair fall-out. Watch your diet, exercise, and shampoo with special shampoos. Yes, those products will work with a strong commitment to use them. (Nioxin, Rogaine) Don’t expect results over night. It can sometimes take 6-12 months before you see results.

Balding happens to women as well as men, and also to do with hormones. Especially after menopause many women notice their hair thinner. Poor diet, medications, lack of exercise, hormones, and stress all contribute to hair loss. No wonder there is more hair loss today.

If you are just starting to notice thinning hair, I urge you to do something about it now. If anyone has questions about hair loss, talk to your doctor or you hair stylist.  

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