The Most Common Road Hazards Threatening Your Car

The Most Common Road Hazards Threatening Your Car

Cars are not only a major investment, but they’re often a necessity in our daily lives. Therefore, it’s always in our best interest to take good care of our vehicles to extend their lifespan and preserve their resale value as best as possible. In order to protect your car, however, you need to be aware of the most common road hazards threatening your car so you can take preventative measures and address issues as they arise. Let’s go over a few of these hazards so you can begin to anticipate them.

Environmental Hazards

Whether you’re driving in rain, snow, sleet, or shine, the weather will always be a constant threat to your car’s well-being. You’ll want to be diligent when protecting your car from the weather, as even the sun poses a threat by either blinding you as you drive or emitting harmful UV rays that fade the paint of your vehicle. Other environmental hazards include icy and slick streets, grime and debris damaging and rusting the exterior of the vehicle, and getting stuck in the snow or stranded on flooded roads.

Mechanical Failures

From time to time, the wear and tear on your car will take its toll. Tires will pop, brake pads will begin to fail, and your steering and suspension will become ineffective. These are all dangers that make drivers panic, and they will often worsen these conditions by hitting the breaks or losing control of their vehicle. For example, if a tire pops, most drivers have the initial instinct of hitting the brakes to avoid further damage. This creates the potential for other cars to swerve or crash into you, effectively creating a greater hazard. Always focus on getting off the road if something goes wrong with your car. This way, you will only need to worry about minimizing the damage and addressing the issue.

Driver Fatigue

Lastly, the most common road hazard threatening your car is other drivers, including yourself. Negligent or fatigued drivers greatly increase the likelihood of car accidents that are on par with those of drunk drivers. Driving when you’re tired makes you far less aware of your surroundings and poses the threat of tunnel vision on the road just in front of your vehicle. You can easily prevent this hazard by ensuring you’re well-rested and energized before you get behind the wheel. If you’re on a road trip and have been driving for some time, refresh yourself by stopping to take a small walk and properly hydrating yourself.

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