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The Love Boat – Musical

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Northwest Indiana has an advantage over many other parts of the Midwest; it’s snuggled right up again one the Great Lakes of North America.  Lake Michigan continues to be a vital waterway for many people in recreation and commercial boating.  People are used to having quick and easy access to the water. So it’s no wonder that Crown Point Community Theatre has been inspired by its surroundings to launch their first improvised long-form musical Love Boat: The Improvised Musical on its maiden voyage in February.

Building on the strength of CPCT’s 2 year old improv program and their improv house team, Love Boat:The Improvised Musical explores the lives and relationships of the passengers and crew members aboard their luxury cruise liner the U.N.S. Pacific Princess.  The show incorporates well-known characters from the famous 1970s/80s TV show such as “The Captain’ and “The Bartender” but also includes new, never-before-seen characters and celebrities.  The storylines differ each night and are based off audience suggestions.  All dialog, music, lyrics, choreography, and stories are made up each night on the spot!

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Sue Baxter