The Best Dinosaur Exhibits in the United States

The Best Dinosaur Exhibits in the United States

Whether you’re out for a winter weekend of fun or a full summer vacation, a dinosaur exhibit perks up any excursion for the family and kids. Dinosaur exhibits hold clues to the history of our Earth, and they’re super exciting to see. Are there more facts to know about the T. rex? And after all, how often do you get to see real dinosaurs? Treat the family and stop at one of the best dinosaur exhibits in the United States.

Museums with Great Dinosaur Exhibits

The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Think you know everything there is to know about the Tyrannosaurus rex? The Field Museum is home to one of Chicago’s most famous residents, Sue, the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton in the world. At the Field Museum, you’ll get to find out even more fascinating facts about the Tyrannosaurus rex while admiring Sue. The museum is also home to the Evolving Planet exhibit, a comprehensive dinosaur exhibit in which you could spend hours.

American Museum of Natural History,
New York, NY

A Barosaurus mother rearing 50 feet in the air greets visitors to this museum. The Davis H. Koch Dinosaur Wing has two separate halls featuring over 100 types of dinosaur fossils. The exhibit features a 122-foot-long plaster cast of a Patagotitan mayorum, a new species of dinosaur recently discovered in the South American region of Patagonia.

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center,
near Colorado Springs, CO

This museum houses more than 30 life-size prehistoric specimens. Displays include the carnivorous Albertosaurus liberatus (a close but older relative of the T. rex) and the Bambiraptor, one of the most complete raptors ever discovered in North America. Colorado Springs is just south of the Denver metropolitan area and close to Pikes Peak and the spectacular Garden of the Gods. It’s a little-known destination that pays good dividends for travelers.

Whether you live or are traveling in the East, Midwest, or West, these are great destinations to check out the best dinosaur exhibits in the United States. These museums hold a little something for everyone and, of course, some world-class dinosaur exhibits. Your family can’t go wrong planning one of these museums into your next adventure.

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