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The 7 Best Photo Album & Scrapbooking Ideas

Photo albums and scrapbooks are a great way to organize old family pictures with a sweet, nostalgic touch. Here are 7 creative scrapbooking & photo album ideas to get you started!

Photos encourage families to look back on their memories together. Unfortunately, pictures tend to become damaged over time, forcing people to learn how to restore old photos in Photoshop just to salvage them.

With the help of scrapbooks and photo albums, your photos are safe from being mishandled and getting damaged in the first place. More importantly, photo books give families the chance to creatively bond over their pictures one page at a time!

Here are some inspiring themes that you can use to design your family photo book. We also provide tips for planning and organizing your pictures so that you can start working on your photo album or scrapbook ASAP!

What Is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a creative way to put your favorite photos together, often with a theme or “story” – for example, “Summer Beach Trip 1994” or “Baby’s First Moments”. While it’s similar to your standard photo album, a scrapbook can incorporate mixed media, design elements, and fun text along with the pictures on each page.

A scrapbook or photo album is an absolute must for anyone who loves feeling nostalgic! Not only is it a great way to preserve your memories, but it’s also a fun activity that encourages you to look back on your life stories.

7 Creative Photo Album & Scrapbook Themes To Preserve Your Family Photos

Whether old or new, every picture can have a place in your photo album or scrapbook. But to keep things cohesive, choose a theme – this is the key to organizing and arranging your photos in a meaningful way.

Check out our list of themes for inspiration on the type of family photo books you could create!

1. Travel-Themed Photo Album

Are you an adventurous spirit with a passport that’s running out of pages? Travel from the past to the present with a photo album of your favorite family trip! Use a map as the page background and include travel-related elements like stamps or old train tickets to really hammer the theme home.

2. Dear Journal Theme

Make your photo album more personal by turning it into a journal-themed scrapbook. Decorate each page like a diary by adding dates and a short entry about what you and your family were doing at the time.

Turn this into a great bonding activity for the family by taking turns writing a short description for each picture. You’ll be surprised how a single moment can mean so many different things depending on who you ask!

3. “Our Adventure Book” Theme

Are you still crying over Pixar’s movie Up? So are we. This animated film’s famous heart-wrenching montage featured a beautiful “adventure book” that has inspired fans to recreate it for their very own photo album cover or scrapbook.

Take inspiration from Carl Fredrickson himself by incorporating old handwritten notes, storybook pages, newspaper clippings, and sketches into your album!

4. A Pop Up Photo Album

If you’re looking to make a photo album that really stands out, then a pop-up photo album is what you need! Creating this from scratch will definitely take a lot of time, patience, and tutorials, but the final product will be more than worth showing off at family reunions.

If you don’t have the time (or craftiness) for a full pop-up album, consider adding just a few pop-up pages into your family album. Use it to highlight milestone events like weddings or your kids’ graduations.

5. Storybook Scrapbook

A storybook scrapbook is a lovely option for families with young children. Lots of kids dream of being princesses and superheroes, so make their dreams come true with their very own storybook photo album! Write a story with rhymes and paste these onto each page to replicate a child’s book.

6. An All-Black-And-White Photo Album

Keep it elegant, simple, and classy with an all-black-and-white photo album. This is an excellent choice for families who already have lots of black-and-white photos in storage! If your vintage photos are faded or otherwise damaged, have your photos restored first before including them in your album.

7. Mini Photo Albums

Instead of dumping all of your family photos into one giant album, commemorate specific events with mini family photo albums instead! This is an especially great way to organize family trips or overseas adventures. We recommend using instant cameras like a Polaroid so you can take snapshots easily and add these into your travel-sized album right after.

Tips For Designing Your Photo Album Or Scrapbook

  • Use embellishments like stickers, stamps, post-it notes, pressed flowers, and washi tape to add color and vibrancy to your photo book.
  • Decorate the background with paint, doodles, or printed layouts.
  • Decide on a color scheme beforehand for the entire photo book. This will also help you keep the design cohesive from cover to cover.
  • Write on the pages to personalize your photo book. And don’t forget to have fun with it! Photo books don’t need to look perfect, they just have to be meaningful.

Start Creating Your Family Photo Book Today

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your beloved family memories. Look back on your family memories fondly by making a themed family photo book today! With several photo book themes to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can do with just a few photos and some craft glue.


Sue Baxter