Take Mom to the Fairy House Gardens for Mother’s Day

The annual Fairy House Garden exhibit will be available for viewing from May 1-June 30 at Taltree Arboretum & Gardens – an excellent choice for Mother’s Day! Taltree was renamed to Gabis Arboretum in 2018.

Surrounding the Heron Pond trail, the exhibit features over a dozen houses created from natural and recycled material, each unique in personality with a natural landscape. Most of the material for the houses was collected from Taltree’s property.

 “The newest addition to the exhibit are houses created by Taltree’s volunteers.” Taltree Arboretum & Gardens’ arborist Craig Gress said. “We are going to keep the exhibit up an extra month this year to enjoy the natural showcase even longer.”

A fairy castle that was donated and built by the Crown Miniature Society in 2016 will now be a permanent fixture during the exhibit in the Depot entryway. The castle made from a white pine tree that fell in a Taltree member’s yard on Halloween 2014 was an inspiration thought of after the group took a trip to view the exhibit.

This year, Taltree is offering new features of the exhibit including several classes May 6 and 20 and June 3 and 17, where visitors can learn how to make their own fairy garden to take home. Visitors will be able to view a small fairy garden train display in the Depot area as well as purchase accessories. Visit taltree.org for more information about the Fairy House Garden exhibit and more. Taltree is located at 450 W. 100 N. Valparaiso, Indiana and can be reached by calling 219-462-0025,  or visit www.taltree.org

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